Saturday, March 8, 2014

"in hand" epp link party #6

 this last (short) month, i did manage to squeeze in a few bits of epp! never as much as i'd like, but some nonetheless. yesterday i even got some good old splish, splash, stash time to work on my epp. the name of this blog came about because i originally did most of my sewing while my little girls were bathing. that hasn't happened much in a very long time, but last night when the baby jumped in the tub, i pulled out my epp. (the project box was set on the tub rim only long enough for some quick photos, then i moved my stitching well out of splash range.)

 the little one is quite interested in my epp, but generally mostly in the thread spools and paperclips. i won't let her play with the fabric. or needles.

 after bathing, i let her explore the box a little. her favorite activity is to cram as many paperclips as she can get into the center of the spool. why this is fun only a 2 yr old understands. but it keeps her occupied and allows me to sew a bit.

 then i have to ask for the paperclips back. and sometimes rewrap the thread.

what do you do to occupy your little ones as you stitch?

 she wanted a turn to hold the sewing. "i poke it!," she said. really all she did was pull the thread. no harm done.

i got nearly a half wheel done during bath time. looks like i need to bathe her more often! or at least pull out the epp when she's splishing and splashing.

let's look at some of last month's link entries! many people were inspired by the Olympic games to pick up some handwork as they watched and cheered. a few others were distracted. which was it for you?

apparently, the Russian graphics and staff uniform also inspired quilters with it's colorful diamond patchwork. meg, at kinda stitchy, was playing with diamonds while she watched.  she was considering a sprocket layout. what did you choose, meg?

kristin, at kristin's quilts and stuff, was making a sweet little clamshell pouch for a swap. lucky partner! i think clamshells are on my list of shapes to do eventually. (in about 10 years when my current project is complete.)

and geomama has her own winter snow flurry of white hexies. can you even believe all those white hexies?! wow.

lots of great projects out there, friends! as you continue to work on them and link up, i hope to be able to feature them in coming months. it's hard picking just 3 to highlight! if you didn't get to see everyone's work, go check it out.

splish splash stash


  1. Those pictures of your little one exploring your stitching, thread and paperclips are adorable! Mine aren't all that interested in my epp, but my youngest loves to sew scraps together whenever I'm at my machine.

  2. I really love watching your EPP come together. I look forward to seeing more of it pieced!

  3. Enjoyed the pics of your little sidekick -- I stitched all the way through the toddler years and now I have two grown up daughters who enjoy the needle and thread themselves!

  4. such beautiful photos :-) I have done no EPP for a while but I will be away next week so hope to take some with me then. Loving all the link ups :-)

  5. Your blog , child and epp's are beautiful! Thank you

  6. Gorgeous soft photos of your little one. Love her little hands and her intent to help.

  7. Your little one is a princess, love the photos. Thanks for the link party. Hugs

  8. I use silver snapping hair clips to hold my papers and fabric together while basting and my little girl (almost 3), always wants me to put them in her hair while I sew.
    I love the fabrics you are using in your wheels. So bright and cheerful.

  9. Great photos!
    I have no progress with EPP this month, but I do enjoy blog-hopping, thank you for hosting!

  10. What a great little helper you have. I've two so try to keep most of my sewing till bedtime has arrived but when I do decide to sew during the day the older is happy to try his hand at a bit of sewing while the younger gets to play with fabric scraps, clover clips and the big box of empty spools I keep for playtime.

  11. I've enjoyed watching you share quilt and sewing with your girls. Thanks for sharing! I'm also personally inviting you to stop by on Tuesday to link up old quilting posts. It's a new

  12. Unbelievable how much you manage to sew with all those children.... I just have one small boy and sometimes I feel like going crazy because my time seems so limited. I sometimes entertain him with an episode of his favorite cartoon Moomin. Or he entertains himself with some 'reading'. :)


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