Monday, February 3, 2014

on the bookshelf

 i haven't posted our bookshelf selections in a few weeks, so here they are. just kidding! these are actually the books that are on my nightstand, the books i pour over many a night before sleeping. i thought readers would perhaps be even more interested in these. right now i keep revisiting sunday morning quilts while perusing my latest acquisitions.

my son asked the other day if i was a "book hoarder"? um, yes, i suppose by some definitions i am. although i prefer "avid reader with varied interests who likes to own rather than borrow books." or something along those lines.

while photographing my little joke, i had a new idea: perhaps i should review a quilting or sewing book each week as i post the weekly children's book selections. i think i shall.

as for what's really on the bookshelf this week, here you go:

stars by mary lyn ray (bedtime)
monkey business by wallace edwards (fantastic illustrations of idioms)
the wish factory by chris riddell (bedtime/dealing with nightmares)
jack and the baked beanstalk by colin stimpson (reimagined fairy tale)
cinderella: the untold tale by russell shorto (reimagined fairy tale/two sided story)
white snow bright snow by alvin tresselt (winter / caldecott medal)
the princess and the pig by jonathon emmett (reimagined fairty tale / switched at birth / love the ending to this one!)
ape in a cape by fritz eichenberg (abc / caldecott medal)
crafty chloe by kelly dipucchio, illustrated by heather ross {yes, that heather ross!} (personal creativity)
ish by peter h. reynolds (confidence in personal creativity)
me counting time by annette cable (concept book)


  1. I too am an avid reader with varied interests, though I don't mind borrowing books. Quilt books I want to own (and quilt magazines by the dozens apparently), but fiction I can happily return after I read it.

  2. Book hoarder! Heh. He's a funny boy :-)


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