Thursday, February 27, 2014

on the bookshelf - rug edition

 this edition of "on the bookshelf" is actually more like "the UPS driver just arrived with a package and so we are looking at the new books on the new rug." so here's what's "on the book rug" today:

for me, some new quilt arrivals:

playful little paper-pieced projects by tacha bruecher
color essentials: crisp and vibrant quilts by amanda murphy
quilting with a modern slant by rachel may

when i get to dive into them, i'll let you know. i already have plans for st. patrick's day aprons from the paper piecing book. so cute!

for the kids, i recently added to our fairytale collection in preparation for doing a big, huge homeschool unit with the younger kids where we study various fairytales. i did this years ago with the oldest children and it was so fun. i like to go over each major (and some minor) fairytale and folklore story by reading as many versions of the same tale as possible. there are all kinds of related activities we do along the way.

 i found that rachel isadora has several new versions of classics set in Africa and illustrated in her wonderful, colorful collage style. this will help add more multicultural flair to our bookshelf.

 i also tracked down a few more books illustrated by sarah gibb. her delicate, lacey, silhouette-and-color style of illustrating is at the top of my list of favorite artists.

back of book jacket and book - they'd make great fabrics!

we've had her rapunzel a few years and loved it to pieces - literally. i just had to buy a replacement. i think it's my all-time favorite fairytale book.

 snow white and rose red is a rather obscure fairytale that i remember from my huge, lavishly illustrated fairytale anthology i had as a little girl. finding any modern publications was pretty difficult, but i did find a few. i hope the children love the story of the two sisters, a nasty gnome, and a kindly bear as much as i did.

what are you reading?


  1. That looks like a fun box to open! Have fun enjoying your new selections.

  2. I had, and loved, a copy of Snow White and Rose Red too. Looks like lots of fun reading for you and the littles. Enjoy!

  3. Cute Books on the Rug Post, filled with great pictures. I do miss reading with kids (*sigh). I just finished the audio book, young adult series by Lois Lowry. My son and I listed to The Giver ages ago, and I heard that Meryl Streep is currently filming it, so I ordered it up at the library for a re-fresh-ment. Surprise, surprise, she has written three more since 'ages', so I ordered them all.
    What is the green fabric pictured under your book, directly under the words Irish Apron?

  4. love the multicultural additions :-) We are currently reading Lord of the Rings to our oldest, and Tales of Tumtum and Nutmeg to our youngest. I am reading a whole selection, always good to have more than one book on the go!

  5. Oh I love those fairy tale books! Be interesting to hear what you think about the quilting ones :-)

  6. Those book pics would make great fabrics! I would love to know what you think of these when you read them. The modern slant looks neat and I have been eyeing amanda murphys book:)


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