Saturday, February 8, 2014

"in hand" epp link party #5

i have a few cases and even mini bags scattered about so that i always have options for grabbing something to go when i want to work on my epp. there is my large case, that houses all basted pieces and the majority of supplies (not pictured). i have the pink plastic school supply box for when i need a sturdy, hard-shelled travel case. the contents of this case allow me to either baste or assemble as desired. in addition, i have two quart-sized ziplock bags that hold just basting supplies - one for triangles and one for squares. when i accompanied my husband on a business pleasure trip a few weeks ago, i brought the pink case and one basting bag along.

 i had hours and hours on airplanes, traversing from nearly one coast to the opposite, and open days with little required of me. it was the perfect time to relax with some epp or reading. most of the time i chose reading. however, my trusty little case of paper shapes and fabric snippets did go with me.

and once, lounging in a recliner on a beach, i happily pulled the bag out to work on my basting while the sun shone through the leaves overhead, the waves lapped in front of me, and a haitian band played tropical music just feet away.

however, there wasn't a needle in my mini bag!
i clipped together 3 triangles, just to say I'd done something, and then i was out of paperclips, too, and that was the end of my session.

so, this is the nice way to say i didn't do any epp at all in the last month. every day as i'm hurrying through my bedroom, busy about my duties, i see the case which sits in there and think, "maybe tonight i'll get to do a bit of stitching!" but then i don't.

or when i'm in my sewing room and pass by the pieces there, i think, "maybe . . . " but there are so many baby quilts to sew in the last few weeks and christmas gift quilts that still need finishing, so i don't.

that's just the way it goes with epp sometimes. i'll find time soon enough. and there is a party going on to celebrate all the work you have done. that'll inspire me.

let's look at some entries from last month's party:

sarah, from sarah quilts, brought out a hexi flower garden quilt that had a humongous epp hexi flower on the backing. this definitely has to be the largest-sized hexi project i've seen to date. the flowers on the front were done by machine piecing, but she now wishes she'd done them by epp. there's always the next one, sarah.

biscuit introduced us to her many and varied epp interests, which she is trying to narrow down and focus on. at 20 now, she has been quilting for 7 years already, making her probably the youngest quilter i've met to date. i'm quite interested to see how she progresses.

paul, the first fellow to join our group, shared his very first epp project, which he describes as "a hexi landscape quilt." i think he's invented a new form of epp!


  1. Too funny about your lack of a needle! Sounds like you enjoyed the trip anyway though.

  2. I am wanting to get into different shapes of EPP, but get so nervous when I see sharp points. Would you mind doing a tutorial on how to do those sharp corners/ends? Thanks loving your EPP and how fun it is to take just about anywhere.

  3. I keep missing out on your EPP linky. I've been a bad blogger lately. Too much going on in life... you know how it goes. Still, I've been basting and sewing my EPP pieces through it all. I just need to take photos and write about them so I can link up!

  4. Woo hoo, I did it. Proof that link parties motivate people to do things! I hope your lovely busy week is going well :-)

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  6. Your trip sounds restful, and perhaps your hands benefitted from some rest too:-)
    Thank you for hosting, I am finally linking up !

  7. Thank you for the mention in your post!


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