Wednesday, April 6, 2011

WIP wednesday

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i've had a productive sewing week, less productive housekeeping week. in preparation for my church's general conference weekend, when my family would be spending 8 hours over saturday and sunday listening to leaders give us uplifting, enlightening, and encouraging addresses, i tried mightily to get "out on a limb" to the point where i could do all the handstitching on the binding while i listened. seemed like the perfect opportunity. alas, i didn't get quite that far. but i did get my 8 wonderful hours of listening in. seriously my favorite two weekends of the year. my favorite talk was probably this one on parenting.

quilts under construction
"out on a limb" - completed top, backing, sandwich and basting; 1/4 machine quilted

projects started:  new quilt for beginning quilting class- top pieces cut, strips for checkerboard pieced and cut

on hold:  "at last" still needs its ruffle

in the wings: about a dozen quilt projects

trips to the store: one to joann originally for rotary blades and picked up a new book and quilt mag also; one trip to scrapbooks etc for quilt class with my gals

in the mail: received fabric i ordered for new follower giveaways

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