Monday, April 25, 2011

girls at work

my older girls have been busy cutting and sewing all on their own. they've made some interesting and useful creations. i'm pleased with their initiative and creativity. i hope improved skills will come with time. i'll admit i'm the tiniest bit sensitive to what they wear or make because we're homeschoolers. even though i love that we do school and life our way, i don't want to look like one of those really strange, completely out of touch with fashion/reality families that were the stereotypical idea of homeschoolers once apon a time before it was so main stream. at the same time, i want them to be confident in their own likes and abilities. it's a spectrum that runs between being overly-conscious of what others think and not being all-out weird. this is shallow of me, i know, but there it is.

the eight year old made this apron, complete with pocket. she just cut and stitched, eyeballing the design. she says it needs some ties so it will stay close to her body. it could also use some turning and hemming, but she doesn't care about that. i figure when her stuff unravels enough, she'll start to care. or maybe by then she'll be tired of this and ready to repurpose it.

my twelve year old made this bag. she loves it. the doggie paw print is totally her even if it's not me. but it's her purse, not mine. i do like the ribbon strap and pearly pink flower button closure she chose. she whipstiched the entire bag together. not the most fashionable, but she's very happy with it. some of her friends admire it too, so i'm probably being overly-sensitive. none the less, i'm proud of her for making it.

no one sewed this, obviously. i just came across it while scouring their room for sewing projects and thought it was really funny.

the 8 year old has also been busy making clothes for her only hearts dolls. brianna is sporting a skirt she made. in fact, she's been so busy making them clothes, the upper room of her doll house appears to have been turned into a fashion studio. i like it.

this gal looks like she could have gone to school with me in the 80's. her entire outfit was made by my enterprising, creative daughter.  and she even has a slipper for a divan to rest upon. their bedroom floor is constantly covered with their imaginative games, all elaborate tiny worlds put together from odds and ends for their dolls or littlest pet shop animals.

i really do love their self-made creations. it's great they have the confidence to just try whatever they feel like making. i know if they keep at it, their skills will improve. and i've been lucky enough to find a local lady who gives sewing lessons in her home studio. my nieces have made some killer bags in her classes. you'd never have guessed they were sewn by a 7 year old. i think lessons with her would be the perfect push in the right direction for my girls, not to mention really fun. i just need my sister to email the info to me. (hint, hint, marcee.)


  1. Not too shabby, girls! Good job! :)

  2. Love all the creativity and it's awesome that you allow them to get down and dirty with all your supplies. Planting seeds of greatness.


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