Thursday, April 21, 2011

oh snap!

my poor, poor snips! i love these little scissors. they've been a good companion to me on my sewing journey for the past several months. i didn't know why you needed a pair of shears and snips until i stopped using my shears to cut threads and started using these little darlings. they went everywhere with me in my "on the go" box and i used them to unpick a lot when i didn't want to get my seam ripper out. then they went and slipped out of my hand as i was walking over my tile, landed perfectly point down. oh, boo hoo! i don't know if they can be fixed or not by the scissor folks who do sharpening. their precise, exacting little points are now hooked. and even if i did use a coupon, they weren't cheap! just one more reason to rip up all that tile and get hardwoods, i guess.

1 comment:

  1. Bummer! Maybe the Easter bunny will bring you a new pair? Hint, Hint, Adam! Maybe you can use these as a blackhead extractor or something. :)


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