Saturday, April 16, 2011


ever broken a needle before? i hadn't. but here lie the remains of the three i broke in one week until i figured out how to reset my new machine's starting needle position. that's the problem with these fancy new electronic, computerized machines. they think a lot, but not enough.

the needle position was preset for "left", yet two of the feet i was using only allowed for a centered needle. it's not hard to adjust, but every time i turned the machine off, it would reset. and i did have a problem remembering to reset the position every single time i turned the machine on. with little ones around, i make it a habit to turn off the machine whenever i walk away from it, even if just for pressing a bit. then i sit back down, flip the switch, and go, only to be greeted with a horrible cranking sound, grinding, and a loud "snap!" pieces go flying and i about have a heart attack. yikes, that's scary.

i'd seen in my manual that the needle's up or down position could be reprogrammed, but i couldn't find how to reset where it landed. it wasn't in the index, which i checked a few times. so the upside to my horrible home ec experience when i thought i'd broken the entire machine was that while frantically searching the manual for how to fix my bobbin problem, i ran across how to reset the starting needle position. no more broken needles - yay!

and did you know they're magnetic, which really helps a lot when retrieving fragments.

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  1. I broke, well bent, my first needle just before Christmas while appliquing shirts for my nieces. I was kind of excited, like I had be promoted in my sewing.


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