Friday, April 15, 2011

looky what i finally did

anyone recognize these? i finally got down to work on my giveaway headbands. my college roommate and bestest old friend (as in "a long time" not she's old) was coming into town and i owed her a headband, so i decided to lay the quilts aside and get down to business. on the original headbands i made, i just used the one i bought and sorta traced around it for a pattern. it worked fine. but when i saw sandi henderson's cute headband and pattern in the spring quilts and more magazine, i felt it might be better to have a real pattern. it was easily adjusted by the addition of the tie tails. however, these worked out a bit thinner than my originals. i think i'll widen the pattern by 1/4" on each side.

i experimented with some new flower styles: a twisted rose and the swirly ruffle. the ruffle needs a button in the middle or something like that. and i'm not digging the yellow bit in the teal flower. overall, though, i like it. jen and i did some boutiquing and i got a few more ideas for new flower styles to try out.

while the quality of these are better than my originals, they definitely still have a bohemian, hand-crafted feel to them, complete with individual quirky charms (mistakes), but i was pleased with how quickly they came together: twenty minutes flat per headband! of course, i then realized i'd forgotten the leaves. that will add another five to ten minutes each. i completed seven on tuesday evening, so only three more to knock out. now i just need everyones addresses so i can mail them. in fact, i think i have enough of each fabric that you could actually request which one you'd like.

followers who qualified for the headbands include:

heidi t (come on over and get it, girl!)
susan @ tickled paisley
janiel deboer (jen has yours!)
martha alcantar

in case you forgot, i offered a free headband to each new follower, numbers 6 - 10. there is actually still one more left because 1 person has signed in under two accounts and i had to follow my own blog in order to be able to contact the followers.

alas, the surprise packages for the first five followers (shannon, jen, mel, bran, and amy s.) are still not complete. oh, i promise i'll get there. maybe if someone can get my husband to leave the house with the kids for an entire day?


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