Monday, April 25, 2011

quilt class four

today was my final, official day of class. ideally we should have bound our quilts. in the four hours i was there i managed to do a bunch of scrapbook shopping, eat lunch, sew together strips for my small inner border, resew every single seam of those strips at least once, attach the border, discuss my children's social lives and a bunch of other personal stuff with mequell, and decide i didn't like the way the border turned out at all, so now i'll have to unpick it and redo entirely.

basically i did nada today. pretty sad. i didn't even think to grab my camera and now have no pictures of the finished works of the other ladies and no photo of mequell, jill, and i together. i was tired and didn't feel the least bit like sewing. that is apparent by my output. i'll now have to finish off the quilt at home. actually, today i felt like putting the quilt away entirely and not thinking about it for a very long time. if the 8 year old wasn't waiting so longingly for it, i would do just that. (can you guess i'm having feminine issues?)

maybe wednesday will be more productive for me when i go take the freemotion quilting class. i hope!

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