Wednesday, January 23, 2019

make all the quilts

penny patch 1.2

the last few days, i have had the unlooked for and rare opportunity to grab lots of quilting time.

i have been quilting like it's my job.
night and day.

i must say, i'm glad it's my hobby and not my work, for i wouldn't want to do this as intensely all the time.

but it's been rather fun.
and a tiny bit grueling at times, too.

my mind has been exploding with quilting inspiration for a few weeks now, but i have been plugging away at wips and leaving the inspiration for another day. this is not like me at all, i must say. yet it feels really good to get some of these things done.

last night i even pulled out yet another old project and started banging away on that. penny patch 1.2 is currently all cut, laid out, and being assembled. i had nearly all the needed pieces already cut since it's being made mostly from culled pieces from my first penny patch made as part of rachel hauser's penny patch quilt along at stitched in color in 2013. yeah, the project is that old!

sugar sweet pinwheel quit for valentine's decor

i have all these pinwheel blocks put together into a flimsy and am awaiting backing fabrics to arrive, at which time i will decide if this becomes one or two quilts. there are enough blocks left over (3 columns worth) to make either a baby quilt, or to add here.

while assembling the top i was going to make just one large-ish quilt, but ran out of steam and interest. so i stopped when it seemed big enough.

my heart just isn't in this project and i really want to move on;
move on to projects i'm excited about and still love, like this:

gypsy child hst quilt now has all it's blocks made!

this project does make my heart sing.
it makes me happy, happy, smiley, happy.

there is some pressing, tons of trimming (500+ yikes!), and the assembly to go.
but this baby is back in the works and i am so excited about it.

now please excuse me while i get back to my temp job as full-time quilter.

happy wip  wednesday to you all!

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