Wednesday, January 9, 2019

in a binding mode

before christmas, i got four bindings made for my kids' (last) christmas stella grande quilts. "rubix star" got its binding completed over the winter break at the cabin and as soon as we got home, i machine attached the binding to "star on the field" so i could keep the handbinding good times rolling.

i love handwork like this. handbinding is one of my favorite parts of the quilt process. i think it's a great way to end the whole making of the quilt, to sit quietly stitching with the quilt for company a few hours at a time before it goes to its new owner or gets put out for use around the house if i'm keeping it for myself.

a little #sewingtimesweets like some delicious dark chocolate covered almonds from trader joe's just adds to the enjoyment. #chocolateonquilts is still going strong.

i like to do my handbinding whilst sitting in the middle of family and friends, but sometimes i prefer to do it quietly on my own with a movie or book going on my phone. the phone is not in my photo because, of course, it was taking the photo. what marvelous devices the modern smart phones are! who could have imagined all they'd do just a few years ago? i've been rotating through several versions of jane austen in both formats, and even some of return of the king, LOTR 3, which i had been rereading and wanted to continue with as i did my handbinding. thank goodness for audible.

i just realized there is a chocolate covered pretzel on that quilt above, so that's another #chocolateonquilts capture right there.

"star on the field" got its final stitch shortly after new years and was handed off to my younger son. photo shoot date with mom will be forthcoming.

the choice of which quilt to bind next was a tough one to make. so i decided to do two simultaneously. i've never done that before. i keep rotating back and forth between "etoile de patisserie" and "star in the fairy forest". i stitch one full length of thread on one quilt, then switch to the next. i couldn't decide which daughter needed her quilt first, so they'll both get them at the same time. fair enough, right?

it being winter right now, it's super cozy to have a quilt on my lap most of the time. last sunday, the littlest and i played some old favorite games and i stitched whenever it wasn't my turn. she's such a good quilting buddy.

she clips threads for me, sometimes pulls the needle through, and moves the binding clips down the line as i remove them. she's actually been begging to do the binding herself, so i'll need to get her a little quilt of her own she can learn on. i'm happy to teach her, i just don't want learning stitches on her sisters' quilts.

hmm, i was just looking for that liberty tana lawn "fairy lawn" in melon to use on a different quilt back, and here i see it in the photo on the back of the quilt i've been working on. oh, where is my brain? looks like i'll be tracking down some more for the other quilt backing.

i've got enough binding to keep my hands busy for a while. if i'm lucky, i'll get a chance to move a few more quilts into this phase before these are through. i do enjoy having handwork around.

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  1. I need to finish some quilt just to get to binding!! Love your hashtag 😄 xx


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