Wednesday, October 2, 2013

what's on

on the machine: "taite" is being stippled

on the couch in the formal living room: a pile of wips in various stages
(no space is safe around here - the dining room and the living room both now have sewing scattered about.)

on for the weekend: general conference
I hope to make a big dent in these projects this weekend because general conference is coming up! this is one of the bi-annual weekends when our family gathers at home to listen to our church's prophet and general authority leaders speak to us. I usually try to keep the kids quiet with handwork while we listen. often, I can squeeze some in myself. it's the perfect time to bind quilts or do some epp work.

if you have a chance this weekend and would like some uplifting, inspirational listening to do while you either work on projects or just sit back and absorb the peace, join me! (maybe you can do some lovely embroidery like the abc bow over at shush, i'm quilting.)

there are 2 2-hour sessions on both saturday and sunday. you can watch or listen via the internet or cable from several sources. refer to the schedule (here) to find out when and how.

linking in to wip wednesday at freshly pieced.


  1. Looks like you are making good progress. It looks lovely!

  2. Well, you sure do keep busy! Lots of wonderful projects on the go.

  3. Your quilt is so pretty, very cheerful colors!

  4. How do you find your Juki machine, I heard good things about these - straight stitch only aren't they?

  5. Your quilt looks just lovely!

    I'm with you - my sewing tends to take over the house! ;)

  6. The quilt in process of being quilted is quite pretty!

  7. i love all the Heather Bailey color in your quilt!!


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