Thursday, October 3, 2013

a pressing matter

which side of the debate are you on? do you press open or to the side? I was taught, originally, to press to the side, but after reading Elizabeth Hartman's book "the practical guide to patchwork" I decided to give "open" a go. something about it appealed to me. (her use of white space and fabrics also inspired my design decisions.)

unfortunately, the very next quilt I made, "taite", had lots and lots of tiny patchwork and it was quite a pain to press all of those open. that is one thing about "open" that is not in it's favor - it is twice the work.

that quilt has also been put aside and taken out several times since it was begun. this has required re-pressing all those darn seams more than once. ugh.

on Friday, my sweet friend jill came over to sew with me. I drug out "taite" to be basted. it was still sandwiched after my last unsuccessful attempt to baste it, and neatly folded. I was hoping it would be just a matter of taping it down and getting those pins in it. unfortunately, I could tell by looking at it that she would require pressing of the back and top due to the large creases left by months of being folded.

I drug out my iron and board, then got to work. it took way too long, but I eventually got it all pressed one last time.

I realized this was the last time I was going to see all those crazy seams and had to take one last photo of them. strange, but I think I might actually miss them. seeing, not pressing, that is.

farewell, my first open seams! may you lay flat and be easily quilted.

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  1. I 'get' open seams and their advantages (oh so many) but really it's not easy to get them all perfect, especially with a big iron when they're only 1/4". I wonder if a mini iron would fix this?

  2. I'm just starting to maybe convert to pressing open more often. I love not having to plan ahead which direction I need to press. And I really love how flat and pretty it looks.

    But it does take longer, and I find I get my seam flipped and accidentally sewn wrong more often.

  3. I get why people press their seams open, but I will probably always press to one side just because it's easier. Boy, am I a lazy quilter or what?

  4. Ha ha , your post made me laugh! Thank you!
    I paper piece a lot, so I do not have to think much about the "open or not" debate. But when I do have to , think I mean ;-), I make the decision based on what works best for the pattern and particular fabric.
    Your work is very pretty!
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo dot com

  5. If it's a pattern that has a lot of seam matching, then I will press open, but for the most part, I just press to one side. I'm totally into the fast way, haha!

    Thanks for sharing at Needle and Thread Thursday!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation


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