Monday, October 14, 2013

newcomers and 2 more down

 i've added a few new prints to my epp  project. i'm not really sure how i feel about this. somehow, it seems all new fabrics i add are upstarts of a sort, newcomers pushing their way into the original crew of the project. silly, i know, since i'm the one that selected them and threw them into the mix. and i did that because i felt i needed a few more options in pink and navy blue to balance out what i already had. i'm sure they will seem right at home and part of the family before too long, that i'll forget they ever nudged their way into the party after it was started.

the top row of pinks are various designer fabrics i got at the quilt shop. i was already using the eiffel tower print in red, so adding the pink version felt natural. the diamond pattern and dot pattern echoed other prints i already had, also. i'm still a bit unsure about the rather strange dots on the turquoise. it's a perfect fit color-wise, but i'm not sure if the pattern is in keeping with the feel i had going.

the other four prints on the bottom were some quite lovely bits i discovered at joann crafts. they're not technically designer prints, but they meld very well and were good quality. they pass muster nicely.

 i got most of the prints washed and cut in time to take on my latest excursion - a business trip with my mr and two of the girls to the southern u.s. for 5 days last week.

since i neglected to bring along extra hexies, i only completed one block and mostly basted shapes in the new prints. having an almost two year old along also severely limited my production. this is the last time she's invited as a business traveler, not only because she no longer flies free but because she is a travel nightmare these days.

i finished off the block i started during general conference weekend and completed one more on the road. or, actually, in the air - 5 hour flight, you know.

 i now have 10 complete blocks, one connector/half block, and a set of 3 interlocked blocks completed. to get the size quilt i want, i'm going to need about 7 blocks and 7 half/connector blocks blocks per row, about 15 rows. which simply means i have a long way to go!

the epp project has earned it's own (overflowing) basket and cubby space in my dining room shelving. it looks as if it will be a resident for some time yet to come. maybe until the baby leaves for college.

for now, this quilt is intended for me when it's complete. i wonder who it will go to eventually and if it will be much wanted? "hey, i get the quilt mom made by hand! i remember her working on it for years, everywhere we went. i want it!" maybe. or maybe no one will care.

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  1. Too funny, however it is feasible there could be a bit of a feud in the future.. The new additions are great - I really like the navy.

  2. Your fabrics are gorgeous! Slow and steady wins the race (don't you want to smack me for saying that!). I just noticed you shop at Scrapbooks, ETC. Me, too!

  3. Never underestimate how long it might take. You may finish faster than you expect. I've been EPPing for a couple years now and I'm getting faster each year. I've finished 2 projects this year and am on track to finish a 3rd. they are wall hangings, but still if they were put together would be good sized. Plus I have 3 other EPP projects IP.

  4. I love your description of the new fabrics weezling into your project. I've definitely felt that before! I never know if I'm being too picky or not picky enough.

  5. I love your description of the new fabrics weezling into your project. I've definitely felt that before! I never know if I'm being too picky or not picky enough.

  6. I love your new fabrics. I totally know the feeling of not being sure how they'll fit in. I currently have my fingers crossed on a few prints.

  7. Poor blobby fabric. You must be kind to it. And I like those cherry blossoms, even if they are from Joann's! You shouldn't worry about the quilt - it's going to look just lovely on my bec:-)

  8. These are absolutely gorgeous! I love your fabric pulls. Yum yum! :)

  9. These blocks are beautiful and I am sure they will end up having to flip a coin for this quilt; they will all want it!!!

  10. Love those Ferris Wheels! Must try someday. :)

  11. I'm still adding fabric to my rose stars, I think it keeps the love growing! Your EPP is looking wonderful and I'm sure you'll have other hand made beauties by the time the little one has moved out ;)

  12. I really hope there is a huge fight over that quilt! And over the one I am making as well...


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