Friday, October 4, 2013

an invitation

i'm saving up all my finishes for this weekend as i listen to general conference, so i don't have any final finishes to share. but i did finally get my buttons made for a monthly link party i'll be hosting starting next weekend.

i've had this link party on the brain for a few months now and am finally ready to launch it! epp has been such a satisfying addition to my sewing repertoire. i know several other epp-ers (a new word i just made up) are out there and i want to see what they're working on! having links collected in one place is so handy. so beginning this month, i'll be hostessing a little get together for sharing all the epp goodness going on out there.

epp is a long-term project, usually accomplished over a length of time. i do mine in bits and pieces when i have a chance. for this reason, i thought a monthly link would be better than a weekly. i've chosen the second saturday of each month for the party, which will stay open for at least a week. i hope the alliteration helps everyone remember when it is!

i'm not sure which button i like best. any thoughts? maybe i'll just offer both. or if they're really awful, i'll start from scratch. tell me, please!

in addition to some quilt binding, i'll be working on my epp this weekend, also. when i epp at home, i like to listen to something, like a book or inspirational talks. this weekend i'll be following general conference live. it's perfect as a backdrop for epp. or, to give proper emphasis and priority to that statement, i should say epp is the perfect thing to do with my hands while i listen.

so if you're home this weekend and want some uplifting and inspirational listening to go along with some handwork, join me! schedule here. and if you epp, please join the party starting next saturday, october 12th . i can't wait to see what everyone is worring on.

Come listen to living prophets


  1. I love both but top has more color and really inspires me to make some like yours. Can't wait!

  2. Fab! I like them both too but agree the top one pops more! I better get to work so i can link up!

  3. I think the top button really grabs your attention!

    :) Kelly

  4. Just finished my pillow tonight!! I'm ready to link Hehe

  5. what a brilliant idea Hydee. I am new to EPP but so far I have loved it, although it is slow work - but a monthly link-up will provide inspiration to keep working on it! Love the top button the most :-) Hope you enjoyed the weekend talks - you've inspired me to listen to more inspiring talks while sewing, rather than always watching the news on TV :-)

  6. Great idea for the linky party, and I love your top button! I have an old epp project I think you have seen, but I haven't worked on it much this year- this may help me push me a bit!

  7. I like the top button! I'll definitely participate.

  8. Oh I worked on some epp while I was listening to conference too! I just finished a project too. I will link it up when the linky opens :)


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