Tuesday, May 7, 2013

scrappy wrappy

i am a scrap lover/keeper. even the tiniest bits have a place around here. and i just found a new use for super skinny strings. they make nice ribbon for gift wrapping small presents. it has sort of a shabby chic look with their fraying edges.

i was running out the door to my mom's 60th birthday dinner party when i remembered that in addition to the event we'd gifted her, i had a cd of the les mis soundtrack i'd gotten her. and it needed to be wrapped, pronto. i knew i had some nice tissue paper on hand and i remembered louise telling me she liked to save her squaring-up strings for gift wrap embellishment.

honestly, i didn't particularly like the idea when she suggested it. so i'd never tried it. but i was in a hurry and i remembered all the lovely strings i'd just sorted a few days earlier, so i rummaged and found some pretty ones to tie on the package.

i actually like the effect. a pretty gift tag added on and i had a nice little package to hand mom, who is a sewer and could maybe appreciate my use of scraps. i have gift bags aplenty around here, but i prefer wrapping if i can manage it because i think it's more fun to unwrap than it is to dip into a bag.

my only regret: i didn't think to recycle the strings after she unwrapped them! now they probably are in a trash bin somewhere.

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