Monday, May 6, 2013

next "to do's"

with me nearing completion on my chevron quilt, it's time to start a new project. yay! a fresh beginning is always so exciting. i have two in mind that i'm burning to do. after working with a kit, i am sooo ready to pick my own fabrics and do my own quilt design again.

my newest idea: an offset diamond out of hst's made in spring house  collection by stephanie ryan for moda. with the makings for a few dozen quilts in my stash already, i absolutely didn't need another new project, but the fresh, jazzy colors of this line seduced me. i don't think i have anything like them. just a charm pack, i thought? well, i sat down to consider what i could do with a charm pack and my new hst skills. a new design was born and i gave myself permission to get the charm pack. or packs, as it turned out.

it uses 3 charm packs each of the porcelain solid squares and the printed fabric to make the hst's. the yellow and green floral is the backing. the hot pink floral print is the binding.

i love that with a charm pack i get just a tiny bit from each fabric. it's a relatively inexpensive way to get just enough of lots of different fabrics.
i know most quilters use graph paper to design, but i just sorta sketch it out myself. i'm not decided on how i will place the hst's exactly, but i have the general idea and am looking forward to playing with placement. i better get my design wall done before then.
as much as these colors have me swooning, i really should get my sons' quilts done. so i probably should tackle this design i made for s2 next.
 my sketch is almost too light to see, but it's just basically some rows of jelly strips with large panels in between. it'll be quick and simple (i hope) and please my son.
i didn't record my idea really well, so there will be some improv because i'm not exactly sure what i got all the fabrics for now. silly, me. i do know that the large dot is for the backing, the 3 smaller dots are for the panels on the front, and where the jelly strips are to go. it's just the quarter yard bits i'm not sure about. they are either for piecing the back or for a pieced binding. maybe both? i guess i'll find out when i get started.

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