Wednesday, May 1, 2013

just desserts

this is what i get for blogging when i should be paying more attention to my kids: my baby got into a costco-sized jar of nutella and took a dip. i heard my younger son yelling, "emergency! emergency!" but not in an urgent tone. i came downstairs to find her covered in hazelnut spread.

 oh, goodness. i hosed her and the clothes off in the shower. fortunately, and quite unexpectedly, it came off of her. i fully anticipated it to stain that darling dress.

 she'd done a number on the table, too: 2 placemats, a sippy cup, the jar, the table top, and a chair were all well coated. i really thought i'd put that jar away after the kids used it on the waffles son #1 made this morning. guess not.

my favorite part of the mess: the sharpie marker she must have been stirring with.

she is safely napping in her crib now and i can blog some more.
but i better check on the other 6 first.

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