Friday, May 31, 2013

while they were swimming

linking up to lee and freshly pieced wip wednesday
when my husband announced he was taking all the kids except baby to swim at his brother's for the evening, i knew i was going to have the perfect opportunity to sew. splish splash stash time even though they were swimming not bathing.

i thought about practicing my stippling on the second doll quilt, but it wasn't sandwiched or basted and i didn't feel like going to the trouble to do all that. so even though i really need to get moving on quilting all my partially finished quilts, i decided to be a bit naughty. i started something new. it was an unlooked for surprise that i was going to have some sewing time, so i chose to have fun rather than do what i felt obligated to do.

i was itching to start hst's for my diamond quilt and i did. i grabbed the charm packs of spring house and my solid and got to work. i only made up the pink squares from the first pack - just enough to get a taste of it.
 i used my new pressing board as a mini design wall to play with how it's going to look. there are a couple of ways this can work, the above being an example of one pattern. i'm undecided on how it will end up. and of course the colors will be a lot more mixed once the other squares are in. but i'm delighted with how it's starting out. looking at this sample, i'm imagining a quilt made out of a few large diamonds like this. that's be fun and pretty simple. goodness, my mind works way faster than my fingers!

the pressing board worked okay for a quick, temporary design wall. but it's not nearly big enough and it really doesn't hold the fabric up too long. that's another to do i've got - design wall! one i can put away when needed since it will be in the dining room.

this photo is just plain embarrassing. why did i put it up here?
 i really was in a silly, playful mood as i sewed these hst's. naturally, i chain pieced them. and chain piecing always reminds me of bunting. so i hung them from the light fixture for a minute. silly. especially silly since it stretched my squares a bit. the first one i cut was curved because of my bunting idea. fortunately, a quick press of each square before i cut and they were good again.

 i wasn't the only one interested in sewing: baby took a turn at the machine to check out all the buttons. fear not, it was completely turned off and i stayed right next to her. no harm done. i do like letting her explore a bit. maybe it will give her happy associations with the machine and encourage sewing some day.

once my playing was done, i worked on two other looming projects: 4sqs for upcoming nephew and a friend. everyone is having boys right now. i got the aussie print for my nevie all ready to edge and the top of the vehicles blanket meant for a friend whipped together. these really are so very simple.

i also squared off the doll quilt so i can bind it now.

4 projects worked on in one evening! we need to have more summer pool parties like this. fun, fun.


  1. unexpected sewing time is the best- and treating yourself to a new start is a great way to use it!

  2. I know exactly what you mean by starting something new. I was stuck in procrastination mode unsure how to start quilting a large quilt for a family member and not getting anywhere until I started a new project, a sew along on flickr. It was just the thing to get the juices going and the hands busy and it got me working on my stalled project again!

    Love little miss baby - she's so cute pushing the buttons!

  3. I'm popping over to say HI from Lee's WIP Wednesday @ Freshly Pieced. So, Hi! :)

  4. Fun projects! I need to get husband to take the kids out too!


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