Wednesday, May 1, 2013

chevron basted wip

i'm linking today for the first time. lee at freshly pieced hosts a wip wednesday link and i am in.
 my biggest accomplishment in the last few weeks is getting my chevron quilt top completed, back made, and the whole caboodle sandwiched and basted. it is now in the que for quilting.

 as soon as i pulled it out to photograph, littlest one jumped right in for a cuddle. never fails.
 and when i flipped it to show the back, she decided to roll on it, too. even better.
the back is pieced from a tiny monochromatic green dot and pink-on-green floral. it's a change of tone from the front where the blue colorway of the line is more prominent. but i like it. i probably should have pieced from some of the blue fabrics once i realized i was going to need to stretch the floral a bit, but i didn't want to take the time. i just made do and it will be okay.

i also completed my diy pressing board! i'm particularly excited about this addition to my sewing space and quilt tool arsenal. i'll be posting about it next.

it's been 3 weeks since i posted a wip. my sewing time was spent almost exclusively on the chevron quilt and in class for the duration of last month. but i did do a few other things.

completed: pressing board (although technically it needs to be permanently stapled, not just duct taped)

in progress:
chevron - top & back completed, sandwiched, basted
"romance in the garden" - untouched (but i did take it to church to use as part of a demonstration for a lesson. that was fun.)
"twirl" - untouched
"taite" - untouched

internet activity: still watching craftsy classes. made headway in the free-motion quilting class and am almost ready to tackle a real quilt. exciting and scary all at the same time.

class: done with my Monday mornings beginner's quilting at ETC. i'll miss the ladies and the quilting time.

purchases: no new fabric. really. but a whole slew of new crafting books. because i need more ideas and projects, you know. like a hole in the head, i do!

organization: sorted all my scraps

sewing with kids: dd#4 and i made some play jewelry for her out of scraps.

next up, i think i could use some pin cushions.
and i have a baby shower to go to this weekend for my newest expected nephew so this pile needs to become a 4sq blanket pronto.


  1. Wow! I love this! The fabrics in this chevron are so much fun! And I love the pics with your little model. :)

  2. Cute chevron quilt! My 3 year loves to play on the quilts I'm making too. Every time I pulled my last one off the sewing machine to inspect quilting, he'd run his hands over it and say, 'I looooove this quilt, I love it!' The collection of fabrics for the baby quilt are so great! love the white dots on grey the aussie animals.


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