Friday, March 31, 2023

another handstitched spring break


spring break has rolled around again and i dug out "cheery (easter) quilt" to take along for our mexico beach trip again this year.

i had trouble finding my colored threads i took with me last year, so i got out the other 3 colors i needed to work on and took those instead. i got two of them fully done and started the third color. 

but there is still such a lot of handwork to do.

it's rather deceptive looking since i'm leaving the large yellow boxes virtually unquilted and only doing all the colored frames. seems like there shouldn't be that much to do. but there are at least 3-5 rounds of stitching in color to add to each block, and so far i've only mostly completed about 2 of the 5 columns. i sure love doing the handquilting, but sometimes it feels as if i'm never going to get it done.

it's a bit discouraging, really.

what i am super happy about is that i traced my sun and rays into the yellow portions and got them all done. i love how it radiates out of the lower right section of the quilt, spilling sunshine through many boxes. i used a bowl from my kitchen and hera marker to make the cirle, and added the lines for the rays using a 24" quilting ruler. the effect is pure sunshine!

i did a lot of the stitching poolside in the shade at the condos where we were staying. i set up camp each morning on the big comfy recliner beds and stitched away while enjoying the view and hanging out with any family members who joined me. i'm of a pale complexion and can't take too much sun without a whole lot of sunscreen, which i loathe applying as needed. at this point in my life, i simply opt to stay out of the sun during peak hours. it works for me! stitching gave me the perfect thing to do while i avoided the lotioning and sunburns.

our last day there, i took some photos around the property to capture where i am in process with this quilt. technically, its fully serviceable and in use. there is a lot more stitching in the colored frames i'd like to add. but i'm kind of counting it as a finish, too. 

at the rate i'm going, it's going to take another couple of mexico beach trips with stitching to finish this handwork. on the one hand, i'm not opposed to the idea. on the other, i'd really like to get this one in the wash as it is pretty well travelled now and i'd like to get it freshened and cleaned up.

other handwork for a mexican beach trip - holding on to the one i love and watching the sunset.

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  1. I LOVE this quilt Hydee Ann--such a simple idea that when made really looks fabulous--I have a lot of solids to use up and this is just perfect--thanks for the pattern notes hugs, Julierose
    P.S. I miss your bloging...;(((


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