Friday, March 3, 2023

sharing space


after months of not wanting to work on her quilt whenever i mentioned it, the quilting bug bit and d5 decided she wanted to get to work on it again.

that thrills me. the only problem was her timing. i was hard at work getting some sewing of my own done on the machine across from hers. if she was piecing, it would have been fine. but she was quilting, so the bulk of her quilt would be coming through the harp space and right at me where i was.

at some point, we may have two tables to work on, but for now there just isn't room and our machines are in pretty tight quarters with each other.

i just had to laugh every time it came sliding across my extended quilting table, headed for my piecing work, and roll it to the side out of the way.

really, it was quite fun to be working together at the same time. we could comment to each other on what we were doing or how things were going. i got to show her when my piecing matched up perfectly ... and when it didn't. she'd congratulate me or laugh, as was appropriate. and, like before, she'd periodically bliss out and tell me how much she enjoyed the sewing.

and despite the invasion, i was able to complete my blocks.

i hope this becomes a more regular thing for us.

we'll be working on her binding shortly, and then moving on to her next quilt. she already has ideas for that, and one pattern & fabric pull pairing waiting. so it seems my odds of more companion quilting in tight quarters are pretty high.

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