Saturday, March 19, 2022

spring break stitches

We’ve been Spring Break-ing with our kids for a change. Sounds weird, but we are normally not with the family for Spring Break as we were married the weekend before Spring Break as college students 27 years ago. So we’re usually celebrating our anniversary together somewhere and the kids enjoy their time off at home with a grandparent or whoever is babysitting for us. 

This year we’re all in Mexico together with a bushel of cousins in tow.

I brought along my bright and sunny Cheery quilt to give the handquilting treatment to when I’m relaxing inside out of the bright sun. Of all my quilts, I think this is the perfect one for a Mexico photoshoot, because of the colorful palette.

I also forgot how cold this room is at night (been here twice before) and how thin the provided bedding is, so I’ve been quite grateful for the added layer each night. Who knew quilts were needed for tropical vacations?

I had high hopes for finishing the handwork on this quilt this week, but I neglected to bring all the thread colors with me. I left behind the white for the sun and rays on the yellow blocks, and the golds, too. 

But I should have the colored frames all done before we head home, and that’s great progress.

Most of the frames have involved straightforward stitching around a square. But there is this one block that has a mix of rose and lilac in the strips that make up the frames, not all symmetrical as they were improv pieced.

It took me a bit to figure out how to stitch this one, and I had my best idea after I’d already put some of the rows in. But I think it worked out well and am satisfied with what I did.

The handwork is showing up texturally on the mostly-solid Curry backing quite well. I like the effect. This is one of the main reasons I decided to handquilt the frames in the various colors.

But …

My stitches are coming out so tiny on the back that it’s not creating colorful boxes like I’d envisioned. If you look closely, the colors are discernible, but just barely. Eh, so it goes. No regrets. 

It’s been a great week for my quilting and as a family vacation. Always nice for me when I can combine the two somehow.

I’m really looking forward to finishing this quilt not just so it can be in use, but so I can throw it in the wash. It’s picked up a lot of fuzz and bits of stuff as I’ve carried it around, which is unsightly for photos. I’d like to wash out a lot of the wrinkles and creases while washing in more quilty crinkle. Also, this is another quilt that had spraybasting issues, which I’m hoping will be resolved with washing. If not, the random speckles will just become part of the design.

Happy Spring and happy stitching to you wherever you are and whatever you’re working on, friends!

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