Friday, November 6, 2015

figuring it out

 the wonky orange and blue invasion is still going on around here. however, i am happy to report some progress! after considering what went so blah with the first block (upper left), i decided i needed to add some solid blue strips and create a few more angles, get more wonk in. also, many of my strips were roughly the same size, so i went for more variation in strip width, too.

i got right to work the next afternoon and am really pleased with the new results. after making a few blocks, i knew that original block wasn't going to fit with the rest, so i unpicked it whilst watching some edwardian farm with the girls. i reassembled with many of the original pieces and the block on the right above is the result. i like the depth of color and contrast much better now. and i got rid of that mini stripe that i wasn't loving. i've learned over the years and quilts to not use a fabric i don't like. some people can look at a fabric for it's color value and effect alone - i just can't. it's not worth being bothered by the offending fabric every time i look at the quilt. so out it goes.

 now i have 6 of the 14 blocks i need after just a few hours sewing. i'm amazed how quickly this block works up. today when i sat down to sew another block, i thought i'd time myself to see how long it was taking.

 but then i got interrupted by a dozen things - like a son working on math puzzles, a daughter who wanted to photograph all the bits she's sewn the last few days, a husband who brought soup, another little one who pinched her finger during a paper cutting spree. honestly, it was endless! my "quick" block took over an hour itself.

so this is where i am with t- 11 days til i wanted this quilt complete. that's nearly 3 of the 5 rows of blocks done. just 8 more wonky log cabins, a pieced word, some strips and we're done. for now, i'm just throwing them up on the board as i complete them. order and organization into the final layout will need to come soon.


  1. Looking good! Your son must be quietly excited seeing HIS quilt come together....and that's another tick in your completed projects pile. 🤗

  2. Your blocks are looking great! I've learnt the same lesson - if I don't like a block/fabric, that will never change, so best just to get on with replacing it !!

  3. what's not to love about orange, aqua and gray in wonkiness? awesome! I love your blog. And love your sense of humor. I love that your children are a part of your sewing. Never give those sewing machines away. They will each inherit one some day. And it will remind them of the sewing times they had with you.

  4. Looking good! (what's the current status??n I have faith in your abilities, but I gotta admit you're making me a tad nervous here.... ;-)


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