Tuesday, November 3, 2015


 no one tell his dad that he was taking a break from his algebra and chemistry and laying out a block for his quilt instead of sitting at a computer working on calculations or studying for his midterm.

i was taking a minute to make that peace-offering of an apron and the boy wandered in to my sewing area, looking for a momentary brain reprieve. he saw his quilt pieces and started laying strips out into a block.

i can't tell you how pleased having him involved in this process made me, but perhaps the look on my face says enough. just take that smile and multiply it by infinity. (or a google, a number he was obsessed with as a littler tyke.) i wish i'd let him lay out all of the blocks for me. watching his mind work on it's creative side, which is considerable, makes me pretty proud as a parent. talking about the process with him is so fun and i love that he's had a part in designing his own quilt now.

he would have stayed and worked up many more for me, i'm sure, but i had to be responsible and send him back to his studies when this block was completed. i hope i assembled it to his high standards. i wonder if he'll be able to pick it out of the quilt someday down the road.


  1. You are right - your face says it all :-) So thrilled for you!

  2. It's wonderful to have your children involved, especially in a quilt to call their own. I picked my EPP today after a long break - and my seven year old wanted to do some sewing too. She is half way through her own hexie flower and is keen, for now. :)

  3. Yep your face tells all. He seems pretty happy too.
    I love it that he wants to be involved.
    My daughter has a good eye for design and color but she wants nothing to with the sewing


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