Tuesday, April 2, 2013

'tis done!

i'm not much of an exclamation point girl, but i can allow myself one here - "out on a limb" is done!!! okay, so maybe that warrants more than one exclamation because this is awfully exciting for me.

after several weeks of toting it along for park hour on tuesdays, schlepping it to UT for my siblings snow vacation (and unknowingly sleeping with it with a binding needle still tucked in), and taking it to a couple of my oldest daughter's soccer games, i found myself heading out the door to the LDS Arizona Temple's Easter Pageant (also here). we were going three hours early to reserve good seats and i brought along books to occupy the kids while we waited. for myself, i saw another opportunity to work on the quilt binding.

once i sat down to work on it, i was surprised at how little was left; probably less than two feet. in no time at all i had my quilt completed. i was utterly astonished. when you've been working on something in bits and pieces whenever you can for two years, you almost get to the point where you think it will never be done. but it was! and the bonus was that i finished it while on location at the beautiful Arizona Temple grounds and gardens, which meant i got to attempt one of those atmospheric shots quilters love to take of their finished quilts. it was even the golden hour before sunset, which has such amazing lighting. i've got to admit, i don't know much about product photography. there were beautiful flowers just everywhere at the temple, but i couldn't manage to get them in with the quilt very well. it was still fun to try.



 i think the back just might be my favorite part of this quilt. i really do love how that red leaf print (one of my all time favorites) looks with those three stripes off centered through it. there are definitely problems and imperfections in this project. still, i am rather proud of myself for designing and completing it. eventually, i would like to reuse this pattern with some modifications and work up a tutorial for it. wouldn't that be nice?

i guess i am now on to other things.
as soon as i was done photographing "limb," i jumped right in to working on the baby 6's quilt's binding. that is zipping right along. between the remaining pageant wait time and easter dinner at my husband's grandmother's house, i have half of it done already.


  1. This is just beautiful.......i praise you dear one.... and i am 70 yrs old and never made anything this pretty
    way to go ........god bless all of you

  2. This is so beautiful. I made one for my sister,found material that said love and made it into a heart for my focal square.It came out beautifully.


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