Friday, April 12, 2013

purl soho stash basket and a wip

so technically, in sewing blog land, wednesdays are for wips and fridays are for finishes, but this is opposite week here just because it is.
 i've been organizing my stash in bits and pieces as i find time. like most of my life and possessions, it's gotten slightly out of control. things just begin to pile up and not get put away.  i work on the bawthroom sewing area whenever the little gals are showering. and i have cleaned up the dining room area at the request (threat!) of the mr. who seems to think our dining room should look like a dining room rather than a sewing studio/craft area. the creation of a second sewing area in the house is another story for another day, but i'll shorten it to this: i've put in some inexpensive shelving with baskets to house my craftiness. my favorite basket is my collection of fabrics i picked up in NYC last month at purl soho. those liberty half yards, the birch bundle, and the scrap bags look so pretty and full of potential.

here's a closer look at the fat quarter bundle i got to stash away until i need it for another baby. can you tell we're hoping boy this time around? if we never get pregnant again or we have baby girl #6, no big deal. i'll just use this for something else. like maybe our first grandson in another decade or so? in the meantime, i just enjoy looking at it and daydreaming the possibilities.

i did get a lot of organizing done over the last two weeks, but i also got some sewing done, finished even! here's the report:

"expecting blossoms" 6 and 1/2 dozen baby quilt completed

in progress:
"romance in the garden" - sandwiched
"taite" - untouched
"twirl" - untouched
chevron quilt - several more rows of chevrons completed
pressing board - picked out plywood piece and wrapped in batting

internet activity:
still watching craftsy classes every morning while i climb the stairmill for 25 minutes

spent monday at ETC in beginner's quilt class working on chevron top

charm packs and yardage of moda's spring house by stephanie ryan (delicious!!!) for a hst diamond quilt i designed this weekend,
some yardage of riley blake's seaside cottons by october afternoon (because it's almost gone!),
new snips (since i lost my old hooked ones - boo hoo),
grippy fabric to fix my daughter's footie pj's,
and various quilting notions
oh, and a quilt! a completed quilt. more on that later.

went through my last several stacks of internet orders that were being stored together and put them away by designer and line.

happy sewing, y'all!

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