Sunday, April 21, 2013

my sewing spot

my bawthroom sewing corner. not the prettiest place, but a permanent spot in my home where i can spread out. everyone knows it's basically a death wish to touch the table or anything on it; you'll get your head snapped off. mine, mine, mine.

please ignore the temporary, ugly bin lids on the top of my lovely shelving. they're blocking light until i can find a better solution. all part of the mr.'s project sleeptight (measures to remove any pinpoint of light from the master suite so we can snooze soundly). the light is not good for the fabric, either. i'm grateful for the huge window over the tub that lets in glorious natural lighting when i want it and the storm shutters that block it when i don't.

i could use a real chair. i would say "desperately need" but, honestly, there are very few things in this world i truly need. overused word. however, for my comfort and posture's sake, a good chair would be nice. a real table would follow that right up on the list of "wants." but, there is always more fabric to be purchased and one must have her priorities straight. which way would that be again?

since i set up this bawthroom sewing spot, i have also migrated to the dining area downstairs. but because it's in a visible area of the house, i have hidden (mostly) my sewing stuff through out the room. read about it here.

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