Friday, April 5, 2013

pretty chevrons and a wip report

"out on a limb" is finished and i have moved right into the next project: a chevron quilt.

i mentioned before i had this kit i bought last year for a free riley blake quilt pattern, vintage chic, by carina gardner.
b-t-w, riley blake has several free patterns offered on their website, here. check them out.

i loved the fabrics (dainty blossoms by carina gardner) and the chevron look, so i was sucked right in to getting the kit ETC had oh so conveniently put together for customers (but in the blue colorway). however, i knew it was well beyond my skill set and i wouldn't be getting to it for a while. i wanted to be able to do it, though, and purchasing the kit would push me to learn how to make it. and, when my oldest daughter saw the sample quilt hanging in the store, she begged me to make it for her, not knowing i already had the fabrics.

louise's class sample quilt
in february, i saw louise would be teaching a beginner's quilting class using a chevron quilt pattern. i signed up for the april class thinking it would be the perfect way to learn how to make the chevrons and use my kit while having dedicated time set aside for the project and louise's expertise on hand to help and advise as needed. and i was right.

even better, louise introduced us to an awesome, super-easy way to make half square triangles, which is what the chevron pattern is composed from: triangles on a roll. these sweet little paper templates make the hst a snap! there wasn't even a pattern for the class this time, louise simply designed a system for putting together the chevrons after cutting all the hst's from the templates. the possibilities here are endless. i'll be putting together a tutorial on using them next time i sit down to work on the quilt. (i forgot to take my camera to class.) goodness, they were easy!

the kit was designed for 4" hst's and the louise was using 5" hst's for her quilt. unfortunately for me, the store did not have any 4" rolls in stock. i had to do some math and figure out if my kit had enough fabric for the switch in size, which it did. at first i forgot that each square produced 2 triangles instead of one and thought i was way understocked on fabric from the kit. after minutes of depression and wondering if i was going to have to buy all new fabric or waste and entire class day and just go home, i realized my mistake. so i got on my way with making chevrons. i have 3 rows already completed.

now, my wip for the last 2 weeks:

"out on a limb" quilt

in progress:
"romance in the garden" - decided to change the name back, "garden paths" is too common
"taite" - removed all pins for resandwiching
"twirl" - untouched
"expecting blossoms" - selected name for 6 1/2 doz baby quilt; began binding

internet activity:
signed on to and three quiting classes
purchased blog (design) love e-course from a beautiful so i can freshen up and customize the look here

trips to the store:
went to ETC, purchased layer cake and yardage of adorn it's capri line in yellow for "piece of cake" project in "pre-cut piecing made simple" class on,  and more quilting pins.

started watching  my e-classes from  - love them!
began beginner quilting april class with louise hailey at scrapbooks, ETC

sorted all patterns i currently own and took stock of my stash to compile a working "to do" list; over 30 projects!
added another shelf to dining room sewing area and started stocking baskets

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