my crew

***in the process of updating this page. more to come on the missing children!

my people have grown and changed so much since this site began. this was from our family photo shoot in 2012 when this site was already two years old.

this photo was taken christmas 2017, already over a year ago. but it looks a lot closer to who they are today than the first photo above.

daughter #1, twenty

is currently serving as a volunteer in an eastern european country, and that's about all i can say about that. before she left in april 2018, she would often help me baste quilts or take photos. she completed her own quilt all the way up to the binding. her interest in my quilting has grown and i'm confident she will be a maker in her own right when she gets home. most of her creative energies for the past few years have been devoted to earning her bachelor's in creative writing.

son #1, eighteen

a college junior in biochemical engineering at our state's university (where his father and i graduated), and about all we see of him is visible in this photo. he sleeps and sometimes eats at home, but is mostly on campus studying. he still has strong opinions about creative endeavors and will consult with me when i ask. if he's around.

daughter #2, sixteen

son #2, fourteen

daughter #3, twelve

daughter #4, ten

daughter #5, seven

has grown up on the quilting room floor and is my most constant companion in sewing. she helps me snip all the chain piecing and stray threads, runs the foot pedal sometimes, and keeps me company at the machine. she got her own machine for christmas and is figuring that out. no scrap is safe in her presence, so i have to hide all the good ones.

best friend of 27 years, husband of nearly 24

the mr is CFO of my quilting adventures and partner in life. he makes the money, i make the quilts. and sometimes dinner. together we homeschool our crew of seven wonders.

we live in a sunny urban desert of the american southwest.


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