herein lies a guide to projects i have completed.


"sunday hostess apron" by heather ross in weekend sewing
fabric: "in the kitchen" collection from alexander henry
completed may 13, 2011
"sunday hostess apron" by heather ross in weekend sewing
fabric: "meadowsweet" by sandi henderson for freespirit
completed march 6, 2011


"prettified pincusion' by ayumi takahashi in patchwork, please!
completed sepetember 2013 

4sq baby blankets

 when my third child was born, my sweet friend sarah martin brought me this darling baby blanket with four squares of coordinating fabric on the top, flannel on the back, and blanket stitching around the edges. at the time i was not at all interested in sewing, but i always thought the blanket looked doable. when i finally did decide to plunge into sewing, that blanket was one of the very first things i tried to create. i didn't have a pattern, but the design is pretty straight forward.

i think it's a perfect first-time project that will impress you and others. it's my new favorite baby gift, along with a package of diapers.

I've created a detailed, for-a-beginner tutorial on these blankets:
part one          part two         part three         blanket stitch

no. 18, completed june 2013
for my nephew, dilan
no. 17, completed oct 2012
for carter, my college
 sorority president jen's little boy
no. 16, completed oct 2012
for my friend becca's baby boy
no. 14
for my daughter #5, completed may & oct 2012

no. 13, completed april 2012
for my niece laynee
no. 12, for my niece hailey,
completed april 2012

no. 11, for my nephew, ollie,
completed march 2012

no. 10, for grace's daughter charlotte,
completed march 2012

no. 9
for becca's baby may, completed oct 2011

no. 8for nikki d's son preston
completed october 2011

no. 7, for heather l's daughter isabella
completed sept 2011

no. 6, for my friend heidi's baby girl
completed march 2011

no. 5, for my friend anne's baby claire
completed february 2011

no. 4, for my niece evee
completed january 2011

no. 3, for my nephew drextyn
completed january 2010 

no. 2, for my cousin michelle's baby emma
completed september 2010

no. 1, for my niece liberty
completed september 2010