Tuesday, January 1, 2013

new reader's guide

splish, splash, stash was started in february 2011 when my sewing projects were beginning to take over my private family blog, which was supposed to be telling the story of our family, not just my quilting. i decided to give sewing it's own space in a public blog where i could connect with other sewers online. and here we are.

this blog is where i catalogue my sewing projects, record my works in progress (wip's), share some tutorials and patterns i've created, talk about crafting with my kids, expose my mistakes/learning opportunities (home ec moments, i call them), and let you in on my related product and internet finds.

in addition to posts, i've got pages, which you can access by the tabs at the top of the blog, that feature information about this blog, my kids/crew, my sewing spot, products i use, crafting books in my personal library, and tutorials or patterns i've created, as well as pages that feature sewing projects i've completed such as the super-easy 4 square baby blankets, quilts, and aprons.

i write this blog for myself because i really enjoy recording my sewing journey. also, i think it just might be interesting to my posterity some day to know about this side of the lady they know as mom/grandma/etc and the story behind the items i've made for them.

you're welcome to read, too. some posts you might enjoy are soho, purl and makie; gettin' craftsy and some discount links; 3 ways to use heartstrings;  quilting vs. scrapbooking; wip wednesday and 100 days with ann; sew on the go, and mommies multitask

happy sewing, y'all!

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