Wednesday, April 4, 2012

wip wednesday

thanks to general conference, i got so much done this weekend! i worked on whatever was available as i could through out the 8 hours of inspirational listening and sewed at the machine in between sessions. it was like crafting ADD: blanket stitch this one, clean out my sewing caddy, help kids with stitching projects, press some fabric, more blanket stitching, cut a new blanket, sew here and there, figure out this border, etc. fun! i definitely didn't get bored of any one project. in fact, i didn't even get to all the things i wanted to work on.

i can't decide if i am more proud of finishing nearly 3 of the 4sq blankets or for pulling taite back out and making some progress. my daughter was definitely happy to see work on her quilt underway once again. maybe by this next birthday i'll have it done?

this border took some time to fix. i'd previously pulled off the border because i didn't like the way the angled seams looked, so i had a pile of stringy-edged, angle-ended strips of various sizes. i didn't want to spend time doing the math to make everything even, so i just pressed and straight-cut the ends, then lined them up around the outside. since i wanted to add more blue to the border, i had purchased and cut the blue background pop daisy print (bottom two strips) to add to the border, but i couldn't make it work out evenly and just pulled it all together. i pieced the other three fabrics and sewed on. none of the strips are evenly-sized, unlike everything else in the quilt, but it bothers me a lot less than the diagonal seams did. it's good enough. in fact, when i look at the top, i don't even notice this because they all blend so well together. time to move on and get this baby finished! just need to decide how wide to make the outer neutral border. i have precut jelly roll strips in snow, which i used in all the blocks, but i think i might want to make the border wider/quilt a bit bigger by using a wider border. then again, i really don't want to cut anymore. hmm. probably should have done a snow inner border, the blue/green border, and then another snow border. too late now - i am not pulling this off again.

ollie's 4sq (#11)
hailey's 4sq (#12)

lanee's 4sq (#13) - top and back completed, edging started

in progress:
taite - added blue inner border
oopsy daisy baby six and one half dozen quilt
ladybug softie - pressed fabrics, located pattern

in the wings:
out on a limb
baby's 4sq

trips to the store: none!

internet purchases: fabricworm package arrived

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