Monday, April 2, 2012

4sq #11 and #12

i've completed a round dozen of these babies now, with my baker's dozen almost done, too.
for my nephew, ollie, whose nursery is surf themed. i probably could have found much cooler beach/surf fabrics on the internet, but i decided the week of his baby shower to do this thing and just ran to the store. hey, it was january and i had a two month old baby of my own. i was happy to find some moderately cool surf stuff and to get the top completed before the shower. his parents insist they like it, so i should just get over my paranoia about making geeky stuff and be happy with it myself. i finally completed it this weekend and ollie got to snuggle in it when we all went to the movies together friday night.

there is a surfboard panel, blue seaweed, grey starfish, and a stripe from the collection on the top. the back is a speckled baby blue flannel. all edged in a deep sea blue to match the seaweed and stripe squares.

#12 goes to my niece, hailey, born last month. she's my husband's sister's daughter - their girl #5 to match our girl #5. only we also have two boys and they've none. love it! my husband's family gave a shower for my s-i-l and myself in january, hitting right in between the births. i wasn't into sewing again just yet, so my s-i-l got a bag of fabric for her present. "what's this - burp cloths?" she asked. nope, it's going to be a blanket. two months later it finally is.

the chandelier panel is a bit out there, but it was the only pink from the collection. i think it looks a bit odd with the less formal/mod flowers. my 13 year old kept drooling over the fabrics, though. hope my s-i-l likes them as much. the back is a soft pink flannel. the edging was done in a bright pink to match the dots. wish there had been a nice grey for the edging instead, but there is a surprising lack of greys in embroidery floss.

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