Wednesday, April 11, 2012

wip wednesday & #13

hello, blogland! baby and i were working on posts and thought we'd share a picture of ourselves while we're at it. she's making a funny face, but there you have us - a view of what's on the other side of the screen.

not a whole lot of sewing going down this week, but i did finish something: another 4sq. yawn. i know. who wants to read a blog about the infinite ways to combine 4 pieces of fabric, some flannel, and embroidery floss? not exactly riveting reading but i do want to keep track of what i produce. it's sorta the purpose of this blog for me. so here you have it - 4sq #13 for my niece laynee.

i must say this is my current favorite because of the hot fabrics. i showed my seester and her husband a few options and she let him pick because, as she said, "believe it or not, he actually cares." drew has pretty good taste in my book. he flattered me by saying, "i thought {so-and-so's} blanket was impressive until i saw hydee's." very gratifying.

i don't know which i like best: the asian-looking chrysanthemum panel or the orange daisies.
i loved the robert kaufman grey with white polka dot flannel but was rather unsure about how feminine it didn't look with the orange floss for the edging. i like the way it turned out, but it just wasn't saying "baby girl" to me. katee loved it, however, so we're okay.

katee came to our family egg hunt on saturday, so i was able to hand off the completed blanket before laynee was even a week old. i think that's a record. later in the afternoon i spied it rolled up next to their diaper bag and thought it looked fetching that way, hence the photo. i might have to use that styling for future shots.

that's my one completed project.

in progress:
taite quilt
oopsy daisy dozen quilt
ladybug softie

trips to the store: none!

internet purchases:
-some end of bolt items from the quilted castle 
-my first ever bit of flea market fancy by denise schmidt, the height of trendy, hyped-up fabric. too bad the ones i wanted were all out. i got a little of the dots and one yard of the large floral with the yellow background.
- at long last, a few pieces of sandi henderson's secret garden from sandi is probably my favortie designer and i've had my eye on this collection she gave her first sneak peeks at it.

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  1. i love these colors together!
    i especially love the grey polka dot. I have a thing for grey lately and I LOVE polka dots. I might have to find a combination to incorporate it into a boy blanket for my new baby. :)


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