Saturday, March 31, 2012

securing corners when blanketstitching

i've never had trouble with corners slipping on the blankets i've made as far as i know. no one's complained or mentioned it happening. but still, i've begun taking the extra precaution of tacking down the corner stitch when i edge my 4sq blankets. it's simple.

when making the stitch around the corner, i make sure to grab a bit of the corner with my needle by going under just a few threads before catching the thread.

then bring the needle up under the thread as you normally would

and pull tight, as usual when completing a stitch

then loop back around to where the thread entered the fabric and insert the needle again
pull the thread snug and continue stitching down the next side of the blanket

your corner is secured in place

when done carefully, the tacking stitch is not noticeable.

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