gypsy wife qal 2016

megan, of jaffa quilts, and i are co-hosting a 2016 quilt along for jen kingwell's gypsy wife quilt pattern. this is the home page for the project where you can find the schedule and other information links. i will keep it updated as the quilt along progresses.

our quilt along officially kicks off in february 2016, but feel free to join in whenever you'd like. we hope you join us on this journey!

pattern scources

you can purchase the pattern at these locations:

fat quarter shop
amitie (australia)
rainbow patchwork (aus)
jones and vandermeer
running chicken (uk)

if you have an original pattern, you will need the (slight) corrections, available here.

fabric selection

january is for ordering the pattern and collecting fabrics. my post about fabric is here and megan's is here. you can find other participant's pulls on instagram at the hashtag #GWqal2016FabricPull.


a detailed post about the month's section construction, blocks, and strip measurements will be posted on the first of each month. once the month has posted, you can click on it to see the post for the month. here is a quick overview of what each month entails:

january - get pattern and collect fabrics
*if you want to get started asap, we suggest you cut the strips or begin section 1 now 

february - section 1: 5 blocks (1 sm, 2 md, 3 lg); 19 strips (2 - 1")
     megan's post, including tips for partial seams
     section one link party

***originally, we were going to start in march. you can still do this. you will just need to do sections 1 & 2 in march, or you can break up section 2 over march and april.

march - section two:  6 blocks (2 sm, 1 md, 3 lg); 6 strips (2 - 1")
     megan's post, with tutorial on pershing block
     tutorial on old maid's puzzle block
     section two link party

april - sections three and four: 7 blocks (2 sm, 1 md, 4 lg); 10 strips
     megan's thoughts on the colour wheel block
     tips for the hst block
     megan's partial seam instructions for section joining

may - section five: 6 blocks (3 sm, 3 lg); 9 strips (2 - 1")
      megan's crazy anne tutorial

june - section six: 21 blocks (13 sm, 5 md, 3 lg); 25 strips (2 - 1")
this is a big one! you might want to get a jumpstart or leave some for july

july - section seven: 7 blocks (4 sm, 2 md, 1 lg); 14 strips (2 - 1")

august - section eight: 4 blocks (1 sm, 3 lg); 11 strips (1 - 1")

september - section nine: 5 blocks (2sm, 1 md, 2 lg); 11 strips (4 - 1")

october - section ten: 11 blocks (6 sm, 2md, 3 lg); 22 strips (5 - 1")

november - quilt and bind

relevant posts

why you want to gypsy along in 2016 - introduction
fabric selection: hydeeann, megan
completed quilt guest series: sarah schraw, liz gellert. cath mosely, elisabeth woo, nicole calver
all the information and link party - welcome party
megan's introductory tips
all about strips, including a spreadsheet
megan's guide to partial seams
spreadsheet guide to each month's blocks
alternate method for the 3.5" sq-in-sq blocks and 4.5" sq-in-sq blocks
salvaging blocks that turn out the wrong size by adding borders

questions and replies

i am getting quite a few comments and questions from no-reply bloggers. this is frustrating for me and you, both! i would love to answer your questions or reply to your comments. leaving your email in your comment will help me reply to you. if you do not hear from me within a reasonable amount of time (day or two) after posting a comment, please email me directly at hydee ann sews (at) gmail (dot) com. i will leave replies to a question from a no-reply blogger on the comment. you will just have to check back later. i apologize for the inconvenience this poses! it makes extra work and frustration for me, too. please keep in mind i have no control over this and i'm just a volunteer trying to share and help others. i'm doing my best.

if you aren't sure if you are a no-reply blogger or how to change this, please check out this post here by adrianne of "on the windy side".

you can follow along on instagram with the hastag #GypsyWifeQuiltAlong2016 (caps not necessary) and find us there @hydeeannsews and @jaffaquilts

grab your button!
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  1. My LQS in NSW (Australia) has the pattern too -

  2. I have been following your blog for sometime and find it so good.
    Iam so pleased you are doing the Gypsy Wife quilt along. I have had the pattern for over a year, cut out all the strips, gathered fabric.....and nothing else, it scares me witless as I am not an experienced quilter. Now... I can give it a try, so a huge thank you from me.


    1. Gwenyth, I'm sorry to say you are showing as a no-reply blogger so I can't answer you through email! I'm glad you are aboard. I hope it helps. We can do this! Please email me directly if you have any questions.

  3. I'd like to join, but can't figure out how to. I read lots of blogs, but haven't subscribed before. Any instructions will be helpful. I tried to subscribe and the icon is in my favorites, but don't know what to do with it. Sorry I'm asking so many questions. Thanks for your help. Love the quilting! My pattern is on its way to me now.


    1. I'm not sure what method you have used to subscribe to the blog or even how they all work. If you are viewing the blog on a computer, there is a place to subscribe by email on the right sidebar, near the top. I believe this should just email new posts to you as they are posted. I am sorry I could not reply to you by email since you are showing as a no-reply blogger in my emails. I hope this helps!

  4. Will you provide the names of the blocks or just 1 small, 1 medium, etc.?

    1. In the introductory post for each month's section you will find all the specifics.

  5. So excited to sew along! Pattern in hand, gathering fabrics - woohoo!

  6. I'm trying to make sure I have enough fabric for the strips but am confused about the measurements. I saw in the back of the pattern it called for 60 strips but I'm not sure how long or wide they need to be. Most of the fabric I've pulled has been fqs or scraps but I'm sure the stops will need to be larger to get the right length.

    1. Rachael, if you read the introductory post on January 30th, it will give you more information about the strips. And I will post the needed strip lengths for each section we are working on each month. (You are showing as a no-reply blogger. Sorry I couldn't answer you directly!)

    2. Ah, gotcha! Thank you so much for replying here. I thought I was set up correctly but just followed the directions that you referenced above and now I think I'm no longer a 'no reply'

    3. rachael, i'm sorry to say you are still showing as a no-reply! if you need anything, please email me directly or leave your email in your comments. i don't know why this is happening and i'm sorry for it.

  7. Good morning Hydeeann,
    Firstly congratulations! you're posts on The Gypsy Wife are excellent.
    When you get a chance could you please email me a pdf copy of your strip spreadsheet.
    Wishing you a lovely day

    1. My email is
      Thank you again 😊

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. I have read all your posts and am very much excited to join in.
    I have not done a blog post yet about it but will get to it. I saw this quilt at a show last year and have wanted to make it ever since...
    It will,be fun to SAL with you.
    Is it possible for you to send me the PDFs files of the spread sheets. I have screen shot the but for some reason my printer will only print them as photo size. I'm not that technical....

  9. I'm waiting on my pattern to arrive and you are getting me very excited to get started so I read your post about the 3 1/2 inch squares in a square and decided to make a couple to make sure I have that down pat, now I have 8 of them made and thought I better try to find out how many I need before I get ahead of myself, can you tell me that or should I wait until I get the pattern. I can't stand myself I'm so ready to get started

  10. Not sure I have all of my settings correct so just in case my email is

  11. Hey hydeeann, I was wondering if you would be touching on the Pershing square in section two, I've made it twice and I can not get 9 1/2 inches out of it, the pattern says it will be 9" finished, if you are I'm going to wait to continue. I should probably put it up long enough to was the bed sheets and clean the bathroom😂

    1. Did you get your book yet, Becky? I got mine today and there are 23 3.5" square in a square listed in the quilt! :D

  12. I added your button to my blog: and I am planning to join you in this journey. My longarming business interferes with my "play" time, but I have the pattern, my fabrics, and have started cutting out the blocks. I will probably do most of my block sewing at a retreat in the first part of June, and then begin assembling sections. I am so excited to see the posts and hope for some helpful hints as this quilt looks like a big challenge! Thanks for your work on setting this up!

  13. Feeling so frustrated. In the mood to sew along on Section 3 and the pattern is still in the mail. FQ shop says it was mailed on Feb should be here by now. So I tried to figure out what the10 1/2 inch square in square/courthouse steps block should look like based on photos on line...but I was looking at the wrong block. Does anyone have a good pic of that 101/2 inch block.

  14. I have chosen my colours for Gypsy Wife and want to share, but I took the picture with my camera and can't figure out how to get them to Instagram. Any advice for me? :D

  15. I am new to blogging and I am interested in joining the Gypsy Wife quilt. How to I do this?

    1. hi Deb! you are showing as a no-reply blogger, which means i'm unable to respond directly by email. to join the quilt along, you get the pattern (sources listed above)and some fabric, and get making your quilt. it's that simple. if you would like to share your progress, there are monthly link parties where you can link up a blog or IG post about your gypsy wife. if you are an IG user, simply use the hashtags to join in the fun.

  16. Hello, I'm late to the party, well I have been reading, watching, and getting my nerve up for a while now. Just wanted to let you know that I have pattern and fabric, design wall is up and strips are being cut. I enjoy the quilt along, am inspired by all of the groups photos of their GWs. I hope to catch up but am not stressing about it. Stressing about how mine will look when done tho...LOL. I think that I have signed up...I do not have a blog of my own...we'll see, LOL

  17. Thanks so much for the strip spreadsheet! You have made my quilting life SO much easier. I was trying to determine which strips I could cut out of fat quarters, and which needed yardage, checked the blog, and EUREKA!

  18. I have been trying to get this pattern for months. I have absolutely no luck. Any help you can give me would be appreciated. Thank you.

    1. judy, i'm sorry i can't reply directly as you are a no-reply blogger. however, if you click on the links to the shop names under "pattern scources" at the very top of this page, you should be able to find a place to buy the pattern. at the very least, amitie textiles out of australia, ms. kingwell's shop, should have the pattern. good luck!

  19. I'm starting this an entire year late :) Still very grateful for all the work hydeeann and megan have done to make this project more approachable. Since my scrap pile wasn't nearly large enough to make this I'm spending the month of january buying fabric.

    Is anyone else making this quilt in 2017?

  20. I'd love to start it. I want to use upssome orphan blacks I already have so I will be swapping some blocks with others the same size...
    Mine will be scrappy and slow going too.

    1. I'm going to use the same hashtag, #GypsyWifeQuiltAlong2016, because I owe all of my planning to this blog - I don't think I could make it through the oh-so-scant instructions without a sewalong.

      It was the picture at Hot Pink Quilts that inspired me to make this quilt in the first place. I hope mine turns out as colorful as that!

  21. Are you going to be leaving this information up for a while? I too want to make one now in 2017, I missed it last year and can't find any anywhere, and especially one as oranized as this one with the wonderful information. I also wanted to know if there was anyone available to email with any questions. Thank you!

  22. Thank you, thank you! Gathering all the info I can to tackle this project.

  23. Even though I'm starting a year late, I'm finally ready to tackle this project! Thank you for your instructions, I'm sure they will be very helpful.

  24. Two years after your original posts I am finally starting this difficult quilt. The instruction booklet is not as clear as it could be. Your spreadsheets are the best! Thank-you for leaving your posts up for this late starter.


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