Saturday, April 6, 2024

weekend listening and stitching


i've continued with my batch binding progress - on quilt number three for the week!

this is the perfect weekend for me to get lots more handwork done as our family is snuggled up at home for the semiannual general conference of our church, when we get to listen at home to inspiring talks broadcast from world church leaders in five two-hour sessions spread out over saturday and sunday. (you can watch live this weekend or recorded whenever you like afterwards.) we're in between sessions two and three at the moment, so i'm making a small report on what i've accomplished this week. i'll just go in the order the photos loaded:

last night i got two rows of "wiltshire rows" put together and mostly finalized the layout for the quilt. i've been waffling on exactly how i was going to do it, but seem to have it down now. i just need a few more of the small pieces and i can get it all assembled into a flimsy.

i got tired of binding and wiltshire for a moment, so took a break by working on my "bonnie lass" blocks, pressing pieces i'd previously sewn and put a few blocks together. this is still such a fun quilt, but one that's in no hurry at all to be done.

a few nights ago this one got completed, washed, and dried. it's so good! i need to take some nice finishing photos and then i'll share all about it.

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