Wednesday, April 3, 2024

liberty holly hobbie, a finish


"liberty holly hobbie," my 7th liberty lap quilt, is complete.

this one is made of vertical 2.5" strips, more liberty tana lawn than chambray in each strip. i was aiming to use up leftover chambray strips from previous liberty + chambray quilts, which determined the quantity i used. this is definitely a make-do, pieced together sort of quilt in that aspect. 

the backing is made of a piece of liberty ros and liberty felicite in blue and red colorways. i have a skirt in the same ros colorway, which is why i bought a large piece of it for a backing. 

the binding is the same blue herringbone flannel i've used previously. quilting is a combination of stitch-in-the-ditch machine quilting and handquilting down the center of each strip with aurifil 2021 natural white in 12wt. i tried adding the machine quilting on my first quilt, but didn't like the effect, so i removed it. however, i've decided for stability and durability's sake, i needed to add a little more quilting to these quilts. doubling the handqulting would take a lot longer, so i opted to try the ditch machine quilting again and am fine with it.

there is definitely a vintage, pieced-together-from-scraps vibe to the quilt. and it's a little bit fall, which is originally what i was wanting to make. eventually i'll make a fall version, likely with a brown or tan crossweave background.

i have lots of ideas for more liberty + chambray/crossweave church lap quilts, such as the wiltshire i already have underway. i just need the time to do them. because this is a quilt series, i made a page (tab at the top of the blog) specifically for keeping track of these church lap quilts and their progress. i talk a little about how they came to be and my thoughts on making them. i'll keep it updated as i add more quilts to the grouping.

someday, i'd like to make a pretty book of them for myself (like jolene's) that traces the evolution and making of these little gems. the scrapbooker in me relishes the idea. i'd have to dust off my actual camera for quality photos and learn to format/design book pages. ideally, i would photograph each quilt at a pretty little chapel somewhere. wouldn't that be lovely? someday.

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