Wednesday, February 24, 2016

gypsy wife section one link party

the month is almost out and i have seen plenty of completed section one's on instagram (#GypsyWifeQuiltSection1), not to mention section two's completed by the speedy and addicted. we'll be having a blog link party about a week before the end of each month where bloggy friends can link their completed sections. don't worry if you haven't finished just yet - the link party will stay open a few weeks.

if you are doing a post about your section one, please tell us what you thought! what went well, what didn't, any tips you have to share. i know i'm super excited to see my collection of amassed blocks become an actual piece of a quilt. i like doing the quilt so much better this way!

i think the hardest part for me was keeping my strips straight. even though i had them laid out on my design wall in order, i had to keep a photo on my phone nearby to refer to so i didn't flip any bits around. but i did that anyway. i got that short little panel of strips under the kitty in the corner (aka puss in corner) block flipped the first go round. but it's all sorted out now.

i tackled the partial seams, thanks to megan's encouragement and found out that, wow, they really aren't that difficult! don't sweat the small stuff. i'd actually done partial seams before on other projects when i needed to fix a few things, and didn't even know that's what they were. so lesson learned from section one - partial seams are a-ok.

also, i got the maths figured out for my preferred method of square-in-a-square block assembly. there are plenty more sq-in-sq blocks coming up, so if you missed those posts, see them here and here.

that wraps it up for section one! nine more to go.
it's not too late to jump in and join us, if you'd like. and don't feel pressured to work any faster than you can. if your section one is still under construction, you are welcome to link up what you have.

look for the introductory post to section two next week on the first.

gypsy wife section one link party


  1. I love the way yours is looking Hydeeann, it's so fresh and cheerful. Yay, section one ticked off!

  2. Hey, I cannot wait to do this. I just ordered my pattern, but I will try to catch up before end of March. Yea! So exited to do this.

  3. Only just catching up on comments - I love the fresh looking colours in your GW, very summery. Just begun Section 2 and the Pershing Block - great block!

  4. Thanks your giving me the confidence to have a goat a gypsy wife quilt


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