Wednesday, January 20, 2016

gypsy wife qal - update on schedule changes

after some discussion, megan and i have determined that the interest is high and we'd better harness the excitement energy. also, it's easier to break the quilt up over 9 months of piecing rather than 8. therefore, we will be offering an optional start for the quilt along in february, with section 1 up first.

originally, we were going to have to lump sections 1 & 2, two medium sized sections, together in february to get the top pieced by november. we figure those ready to go should just get going and do one section next month, and another the following.

if you aren't ready to start with us then, it's okay! don't panic. you can still join in and catch up. you'll just have a bit more work to do over the first two months like we were originally going to do. it's not a problem.

so get your patterns out, pull those fabrics, and start pressing your lovelies in preparation for some cutting. if you can't wait to cut, the strips are a great place to start. please see my last post about fabric selection for information on the strips.

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