Thursday, December 31, 2015

dreaming easy as the year ends

a few soccer games, some chat time with my eldest daughter, moments in a rocking chair with a mountain meadow view. that's what it took to get most of the binding completed on this quilt. and a mere 24 minutes prior to the new year, in one last solitary, concentrated effort, it was done before 2015 winked out.

then, unbeknownst to me, when the mr put our sleeping baby away into her own bed after she rang in the new year in ours, he tucked her in with this quilt. so it's already in service. i'm fairly certain she was "dreaming easy" under it as she slept away.

i've completed the tutorial for this easy, breezy checkered arrow pattern here.

a few weeks ago i was contemplating what i'd done in the quilting realm this year and didn't think i had a single finish under my belt. however, a quick scan of the blog showed that i had completed a project or two after all, including two full-size gifted quilts. i imagine i forgot about them because they aren't here anymore. in reality, "dreaming easy" is my 6th finish of the year.

in january, i completed the binding on my younger son's "bandwidth" quilt as well as my baby's "paris daydreams" quilt. i also finished and delivered "little lady" for my newest niece, evelyn. in march, i was able to gift two quilts: "bloom where you are planted" for my friend jill and "aunty charming" for my husband's aunt sue. that was a pretty good first quarter. the rest of the year saw very little sewing and mostly wip work.

the blog has been rather quiet, too. but i did get some tutorials up for my "cinched" pattern and a simple child's fat quarter apron. i may not be a prolific quilter or blogger, but i do enjoy sharing. is a site that has published a few of my tutorials in their collection of free quilting patterns of all sorts. they surprised me last week by telling me i was one of their top 100 bloggers for 2015! my six and one half dozen baby quilt made it into their most popular projects list for the year. go figure! for someone who isn't nearly as active in the online quilting community as she once was or would like to be, that was a pleasant surprise.

they even gave me a button!

you can see all their top projects for the year here.

so what's ahead in 2016? more finishes, i hope! priority goes to my elder son's wonky quilt, of course. then there's the triangle quilt and penny patch 2.0. you know, all the stuff i talked about last time i posted. i have no big plans other than plodding along and getting things done. well, maybe getting my sewing space whipped into shape and covered with some barn doors.

see y'all around next year!

linking up with amanda jean's friday finishes at crazy mom quilts.


  1. That is such a beautiful quilt! Happy 2016 to you and your family :)

  2. Way to finish strong! I've had many of those "concentrated efforts" too! I love the whatever it takes attitude. Happy new year!

  3. Oh what a beautiful way to finish up the year; such pretty spring fabrics and a gorgeous pattern :)


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