Friday, August 1, 2014

my crew - 2014 update

in addition to being a hobby sewer, i'm a mother of seven and wife of one. i've been dragging my kids right along side me in this sewing/crafting adventure begun late 2010.

on-line, we guard our children's identities and privacy closely, so although i feature their projects along with my own work, i will not show their sweet faces or use their darling names, as much as i love both. our last name is completely taboo.

also top-secret is our location. let's just say we're blessed to live in the good ole' USA, in one of the hotter regions. naturally, that could be one of several states, some of which i have also lived in during my lifetime.

if we are fortunate enough to know you, pretty please do not reveal or refer to any of this information on this blog.

still, all the paranoia aside, here's a look at the family.

daughter #1, sixteen years old
started her first quilt this year as part of an english project. still waiting on the top to be completed now that her english paper has been written and recieved it's A. lately has been making hairbows for fun. "mom, it's okay that i used your scraps for my bows, right? i just used these strip pieces." actually, no. you need to ask first, hon. but i'm glad you're making something!

son #1, fourteen

can work my machine, has crazy-big ideas (like the patchwork bags he made his littlest sisters at christmas in 2011), and tries a bit of everything. not a committed sewer, but very artistic and always has a creative project of one sort or another going on: baking, paper airplanes, mini weapons, holiday decorations, drawing. he's great for consulting when i need opinions, likes a math quilt challenge, and won't leave my rotary blade alone if there are scraps to be sliced and diced.

daughter #2, twelve
got her own sewing machine for christmas 2012 and makes projects all the time. this year she made two four-square baby quilts for a church fundraiser for camp.

son #2, ten
is mostly just waiting for mom to finish his quilt. "mom, is it done yet?" i can't remember the last time he sewed anything but he does love my quilts and helps hold them for photos occasionally. most of his creative energy is invested in disappearing when it's time for schoolwork and in masterbuilding with legos. on any given day there is usually a soccer ball in my sewing space kicked there courtesy of s2.

daughter #3, eight
loves to read sewing books and is always asking to start something. if only my time could keep up with her inspiration! she is most recently working on a small felt applique scene in an embroidery hoop.

daughter #4, six
is mom's bestest little quilting buddy, my most constant companion in the sewing room. her official jobs are snipping threads, removing basting pins, and cleaning my machine's exterior with the lint brush. she's made her own kitty softie and a mini quilt to go with it.

daughter #5, three!
thinks any quilting tool belongs to her, not me. loves to play with pins, scraps, and rulers. decorates the design wall with her own scrap creations for me all the time. still walks all over any wips on the floor. "helps" me sew by sitting in my lap and placing her hands on mine as i guide fabric.

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