Wednesday, February 25, 2015

sweet stuff

 as the month of love draws to a close, i'm sharing a few sweet things that happened around here. first, someone left me a little love where they knew i was bound to see it. haha! if you want mom's attention, go to the sewing machine.

 on valentine's day, i saw this sweet and simple pinwheel quilt on instagram, posted by @riseandshinequilts. i thought it would be a perfect valentine's project (for use next year, obviously) for some sticky-sweet lecien "sugar flower" fat quarters i purchased about 4 years ago. i do like her fabrics a lot better than mine, but it feels good to get some stash sewn. thank goodness for those moda bella solids charm squares! this is project #3 i'm using them in right now. if only they'd take my idea about preprinting a diagonal line on them for fast and easy hst making, i'd be set!

this last bit of overt sweetness just gives me a sugar rush headache every time i look at it. this is another #sewyourstash2015 project that popped up. i'll explain more when i finish it, but i'll say now that it's for my husband's aunt, who will love these fabrics way more than i ever could. i can't wait to get it finished and out of my sight! i'm using a fat quarter set to make fat quarter shop's new "layers of charm" pattern. even though i'm cutting rather than using precuts, it's gone super fast; faster than anything i've ever done. hallelujah!

that's it for the sweetness report.
i think i need to go check my blood sugar levels!

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  1. Oh that note is the sweetest thing!! So cute! Your stash block looks so pretty and I like the floral fabrics with the dots :)

  2. pre-printed diagonal lines? Girl!! That is genius!! (although, the last time I made a HST quilt - last 2 times, actually - I marked my sewing table with washi tape 1/4 inch away from the center needle position and just kept the corners of my squares lined up on the edge of the tape. Worked well, but I do have to sew a little more slowly than with a marked square.
    Also - I shared here another way of marking squares a little more efficiently than drawing on each one.

    I love your banner on your machine ~ did you leave it there?

  3. How sweet is that little note! I used to leave my mom random notes at her office, hidden in places that she'd run across eventually but not right away!

  4. oh what a sweet note - just what every mum needs from time to time! And I love your pinwheels - I don't usually go for pretty, but these are gorgeous :-)


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