Wednesday, February 18, 2015

fancy stitching

 d1 has taken interest in her puppy park bricks quilt again. after she completed the required hours for her english paper, she moved on to other projects for a while. but recently she decided to get back at it. with the new year, our sunday church services have moved to earlier in the day so that we meet from 8 to 11am. this gives us basically the whole day at home after church as opposed to when we met in the middle of the day (and slept in until it was time to get ready). suddenly we find ourselves with a stretch of time wide open for things like creativity and cooking. sunday is a family day for us, where we don't go anywhere else or participate in outside activities, unless they are extended family gatherings. so we are using some of the time to make stuff together.

 d1 happened to be wearing her fancy "sweet 16" birthday ensemble when she sat down to piece her quilt. i thought it made for an interesting photo op. "why, yes, we sew in our nicest clothes. don't you?" i'm happy her interest in sewing has been renewed. she's even expressed the desire to make dresses. i hope we can find the time to dive into that together. how exciting!

while she was piecing, i was nearby to give advice when needed. i kept my hands busy with block trimming for my arrow check quilt. almost all done with these. and, yes, we do tend to stay in our church clothes all day long. but, no, they are not always as dressy as this particular sunday was. however, we had to take pictures of us sewing while we looked spiffy to balance out the plethora of sewing-in-our-pajamas-and-not-showered photos that grace this space.

whatever you're wearing, happy sewing!


  1. We should all wear sequins for sewing pictures!

  2. I love it when I sew and happen to be dressed up (though this is admittedly very rare indeed) and I really like it if my nails are painted (or Jamberried) :-) although this too is rare. I should remedy that...
    Fun that you and your daughter will work on garment sewing together :-)

  3. Wonderful photos! What a lovely idea to sew dressed elangantly. Sewing is a chic business after all, isn't it?

  4. I tend to do my sewing in my most comfortable clothes, but I've found I'm more productive if I put "real" clothes on instead of sloppy gym pants and t-shirts. I think you might be on to something here - sewing in our fancy clothes! It was fun to see pics of you and your daughter sewing together.


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