Tuesday, July 1, 2014

standing still

i hardly know what to say after a month of not saying anything here. my sewing output has been just about on par with my blogging - nothing. nada. zip. zilch. no sewing, no blogging. makes sense, right?

partly this is due to lots of travel and family events. my sewing/dining room even looks like a mostly dining room right now because i had to clear it for a luncheon we hosted for some 75+ people. with the weather too hot for al fresco eating, we had to have the dining room back. thus juki is tucked away in a corner of my bedroom on the floor.

the other factor is simple summer sewing slump blahs. nothing appeals to me. you'd almost think i was pregnant again. but i'm not. i just don't feel like sewing. i've fallen back on the old summer standby of reading. i dutifully took my epp and binding projects with me on my outings, but the only bit i managed all month long for june was to unpick about half a row of bad quilting on the baby quilt that was supposed to be delivered to florida in january. as in january-six-months-ago.

so there. i've done nothing and said a whole lot about it. typical.

however, the one thing i did not do that i'm pleased with is fabric shopping. i managed to not buy any fabric in may or june, completing my longest streak yet of fabric fasting. oh, i saw the quilt market frenzy on instagram. i'm well aware of cotton and steel and have been drooling achingly over up parasol (heather bailey, you know). but somehow i have resisted. i think this is largely attributable to staying away from shops, real or virtual, not reading blogs much, and not actually sewing much. the last factor doesnt' help decrease my stash but it does keep me from buying. it's almost like i just need to give up on quilting all together because i'm such an all or nothing gal and my life can not be all about quilting right now. nor should it ever be, if it comes to that.

 i almost caved when up parasol released a few weeks ago, but told myself it wouldn't hurt to wait just a little bit so i could complete the month honorably.

up parasol by heather bailey - isn't it gorgeous?!

now, with the rest of summer before me and so many events and other trips planned, i think i might extend that fast through the next two months. i'm not committing either way. i'll just see where i end up between now and then.

if i do happen to get juki back in place, i think i'll make myself complete my remaining wips, which are so close as it is:

  • florida baby quilt needs a monogram and binding
  • d1's chevron quilt has only a few feet of binding to go
  • "paris daydreams" needs binding
  • s2's "bandwidth" is waiting for straightline quilting
  • s1's wonky stacked coins needs 36 more blocks
  • diamond hst quilt is barely started
  • "gypsy" is behind schedule and i'm due to host the blog stop in nov (eek!)
  • "sugar block" is languishing, too
  • there are also about 3 baby quilts i had intended to do
so there is plenty for me to do even without looking at another new stitch of fabric.
and maybe i'll find something to blog about along the way.

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  1. Ahhhh - I was wondering how you are! Enjoy your break from crafting/blogging . Hobbies are for enjoying, after all. And well done on the fabric front. Despite my relentless purchasing, I have refraining from C&S pre-ording, and Emmy grace, and up parasol. So that's some small consolation. But July is gypsy wife month at chez Shush, you know! When you find your sewjo, you can join me :-)

  2. Nothing wrong with having a break now and then. Enjoy!
    Love the Heather Bailey BTW. Not sure if it is available in the UK yet so off to check.

  3. I'm with Liz - don't worry about it and besides, reading is an excellent alternative to sewing. Your crafty bug will bite you again sometime I'm sure. Perhaps you need to come down to NZ and have a stitchy holiday with Mrs Shush and I :-)

  4. Girl as a homeschool mother of seven I'm amazed you even have a blog or time to quilt!! ENJOY summer I say!! You deserve it!

  5. Miss reading your posts but I prefer you to have a "relaxing" summer. I can wait! Love up parasol too... maybe in the future!

  6. enjoy it Hydee. I am enjoying the break from blogging and just doing some slow sewing :-)

  7. I'm guessing you'll return to quilting in a while with renewed enthusiasm and motivation. It will feel good to finish some of those WIPs. As you say, life isn't about quilting.

  8. My Up Parasol arrived yesterday. If you are going to break your fabric fast, I can definitely say this fabric is definitely worth it! LOL.


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