Monday, July 7, 2014

from scrap to confetti

how do you explain to a 13yr old boy that the seemingly insignificant and useless scrap of fabric he just mindlessly hacked to pieces with your (off-limits) rotary cutter was in reality rather precious? he certainly won't understand that itty bitty smidge of fabric being a still-useful piece of an out-of-print designer fabric that is hard to come by these days; nor that you had plans for it in your current project which actually calls for pieces to be cut to that size, which further means you now have to deface another larger piece. oh, the waste!

please, son, just don't touch any of mom's fabric, no matter how tiny it looks to you. and definitely leave my tools alone. unless you ask first, of course. then we're good.

#firstworldquiltingtragedy #dramaforascraphoardingfabriholic #thatwasfuntoplayup #butsomeofyougetit


  1. You can't imagine what kinds of materials and machines were attacked and distroyed by 13 year old boys in my class room. Ball point pens under the printing press, styrofoam cut to a million pieces with the "warm thread machine", parts of the male anatomy drawn all over my tables, iron wires just twisted into a ball, pipe cleaners twisted into I-do-not-know-what.....
    I am so sorry for your precious scrap, sadly i do not have anything as pretty as that. Hope you can find some more!!!
    Bye bye

  2. Aw man! I'm sorry!! Repeat after me "it's only fabric. it's only fabric..." (as IF ;-)

    This reminds me of a time we had a young man from Belize living with us. The guys were all outside doing yardwork, and he came in the house to get something. I walked into the dining room, to find him standing in front of my sewing table. "What are you looking for?" I asked, a little nervously. (They were working OUTSIDE, after all) "Nothing. I found it!" he says, AS HE GRABS MY GINGHERS.
    Words were spoken of which I can no longer remember, but he never touched my scissors again.
    In talking about the incident later, my husband said, "I'm just glad the boy's still ALIVE"

    Scraps and tools; may they live long and prosper
    ~ Tracy

  3. That is very sad. Last week, my daughter took fabric cutting scissors and cut her hair in the very front next to the scalp. It must be a hard lesson for children to learn to NOT touch mommy's sewing things. My daughter is now sporting s slightly awkward pixie cut and my scissors are put away. I hope you are able to make adjustments!

  4. But this stuff happens to us quilters ALL the time hehehe. Maybe if it was butterfly fabric he wouldn't have touched it with a 10 ft pole?!;)


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