Monday, January 27, 2014

happy, happy

did you know sandi henderson finally has her new site and blog up & running? this is happy, happy news for her biggest fan. and oh, so strange that i just found it. ever since she announced last january that she was switching blog platforms, i have been faithfully checking in monthly to see if it was up. i must have skipped december because although she's had her site running since last may, it wasn't posted to her old site until last month. i'd missed all those months of pretty posts! well, tonight, when i couldn't sleep, i was browsing and found the new portabellopixie and two fantastic announcements: she's got a new fabric line in the works (with some feedsack-inspired designs!) and she's pregnant. the strangest part was that a few months ago i googled every which way to see if her site was up but she just hadn't announced it. i think i even tried the web address she's actually using, to no avail. whatever. i'm just glad to have some fresh sandi back in my life.

so, if you're another sandi fan who's been wondering where she's been the last year, go see.

this makes me want to go stroke my meadowsweet collection and dream up something new. if only it weren't the middle of the night, i would!

meadowdot, anyone?

(yes, i'm a huge fabric geek and sleep deprived to boot. my apologies.)

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