Wednesday, August 28, 2013

wip report and a blue mood

 i got a few more fabrics to mix in my epp project. after doing the pre-wash, i have cut triangles out for basting. one really nice aspect of epp is that you don't have to precision cut your fabric pieces (or press them first, apparently). but i have been wanting to get a triangle ruler for some projects brewing, so i used one of those irresistible 40% coupons from joann to get an equilateral ruler.

it makes cutting the pieces much quicker than the way i was doing it - just placing an epp paper piece on the fabric and eyeballing it. and while i don't worry about precision, having the pieces more uniformly cut has been helpful with basting.
 you just flip that baby up and down, alternately, and cut away. some nice little blunt-topped triangles are the result.

the selection of ruler brands was limited. i got the fons and porter because the blunt tip wasn't too big and there are lots of handy marks on the ruler. sarah fielke recommended those features in her craftsy class i purchased. so far, i like it! no complaints.

by the way, this is the first time i've ever used blue nail polish and the first time in years i've painted my fingers. a slight rebellion against the new decade mark i achieved this year? i do my tootsies regularly, but find the fingers impractical because they get smudged or chipped pretty much instantly. while i was trying out some new essie on my toes i got curious about how it would look on my fingers. mint candy apple and i had a fun weekend fling, but it's over now and i cleaned them off yesterday. back to au natural and my revlon super buffer. (okay, who really cared about any of that?!)

big news - juki is back up and running!

right now she has a nephew baby quilt under the needle. i whipped up my first ever improv pieced top on sunday evening. it was a lot of fun, i learned some things along the way, and i'm pretty happy with the results. this little fella just needs some more simple outline quilting and a binding. easy peasy, which is great since i need 3 more baby boy quilts and one little girly one. as much as i like the blanket stitching handwork on them, i'm pretty much bored out of my mind with 4sqs and thinking these are almost as quick. it was a nice change up.

the fabrics for my next one were photographed and shared in the photography workshop link-up at plum and june this week.

maybe it was all those boy quilts and blue fabrics that inspired my polish choice?

i got the go ahead from my cousin's sisters-in-law to turn this fun pile into a little girl quilt so i won't be blue forever. i sent them a photo asking if it was something she'd like. i got three responses of "cute" and "yes!", so it's in the que.
what a sloppy photo! i wasn't shooting for any big photography post or anything, so it'll do as dark, cool-tinted, and unstyled as it is. jump over to plum and june if you want some photography fun with your fabric.
linking up with wip wednesday at freshly pieced and needle & thread thursday .
my report:
finished - none
jed's baby quilt - being quilted
4 other baby quilts - fabric pulled
in progress
epp  - new fabric purchased and about 3 more pieces basted; 9 blocks completed
taite - needs basting
plus a diamond - needs binding
twirl - needs adjustments and border on top
paris daydream - still a flimsy
hst diamonds - untouched
trips to the store
one to ETC for yardage for epp quilt (and a few other bits that caught my eye)
internet activity purchase of 2 briar rose selections (really limiting myself here, trying to be good) . . . and a few more liberty tana lawn half yards (not so well behaved)
ordered patchwork, please! from b&n to check it out (just curious about all the fuss and cute projects everywhere. and i'm trying to figure out what exactly is "zakka"!?))
worked on cleaning up my dining sewing space, but it's just getting worse. my goal is to have only the project(s) i'm actually working on in there. everything else needs to be upstairs in the splish splash zone.


  1. A great record of where you're up and what's happening in your sewing world. Four baby quilts - that will keep you busy for a little while, but isn't it a fun size to work with.

  2. You've got a lot going on! I also love my equilateral much better than using a big ruler and trying to match up the angle marks all the time. I'm glad you splurged on some pretty fingers...even if they don't last very long.

  3. I love the blue nail polish and that quilt under your juki! Looks like you're having a pretty good week :)

  4. Lots going on at your house as always!! Your EEP is looking amazing and i will have to check out the photog post at Plum and June. I love your sweet, soft baby quilts too. Zakka means "cute" in Japanese and can refer to any cute project. Linen is a fabric of choice in these projects. You will have to let us know what you think about the book. I don't have the book but have seen a lot of the cute projects. Do you have any specific plans for your Liberty. I always put some in my cart then take it out. It is certainly gorgeous fabric but so expensive!! i have used little bits in my kids clothing.

  5. Getting lots done! Love that baby quilt you are quilting!

  6. I always love reading about everything you've got going on Hydeeann, and love that girly fabric pull too!

    Thank you so much for sharing at Needle and Thread Thursday!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation


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